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  1. Color vision test
  2. Airbrush Compressors...
  3. Iwata Super Lube
  4. NEW VIDEO : How to remove the new Breyer Resins from their bases
  5. Airbrush PSI
  6. What to do in cold weather?
  7. Pastelling heavy resins?
  8. How do you attach miniature foliage to bases?
  9. Flaxen Mane Color Mix
  10. Question: How archival is resin, anyway?
  11. Gray vs White Primer
  12. Do I need to wash a prepped resin?
  13. Lighting Options
  14. Hazel Color Ideas...
  15. Artist Ethics Question... So i have a broken horse...
  16. removing a poorly glued ear from a china
  17. Question: Need something to fill scratches on model.
  18. Stripping a CM with apoxie
  19. sealing schleichs
  20. Signing models
  21. Prepper needed ..
  22. AA Hackney all broken up, AA repair suggestions?
  23. Need a repair for my Fenwick..
  24. Filling in "lines"
  25. Oil Paints "Dragging"
  26. HELP!!!! Hair direction chart needed
  27. Gloss & Semigloss on Repairs
  28. My first detailed Appaloosa resin - How am I doing?
  29. Priming question
  30. Question: Newbie needs help PLEASE!! :)
  31. Pastelling: Materials needed
  32. Primer Advice Needed ASAP!
  33. The "S" on Covenant Renewed
  34. SM Stripping question
  35. Collecta prepping issues.. advice? solutions?
  36. recommendation on an airbrush?
  37. Anyone bought the Vallejo paints equestrian pack?
  38. GRAIN!
  39. Best way to fill in the PS logo on Chips?
  40. Lestoil, Pine-Sol or Easy-Off to remove Metallic Paint??
  41. What's the best way to remove primer???
  42. Seam Splits and how to fix them
  43. Anyone feel like theyre painting in a bat cave all the time?
  44. Pearl Ex powders/pigments?
  45. Cleaning a vintage custom
  46. Need help on a broken resin tail
  47. Unicorn horn repair needed
  48. Repairing broken china
  49. Question: Can you use....
  50. Issues on a Bisley Resn
  51. Pure Pigments supplier?
  52. Shoes for a saddlebred and a tennessee walker
  53. Clear hoof pegs
  54. Rio Rondo Shoes?
  55. Sealer not sealing?
  56. Question: Paint + Krylon
  57. Help! Oils cracking after sealing with Dullcote!
  58. Question: Painting roans - basecolour?
  59. Just an idea to share.... This is working great for me!
  60. PS Rubbery Feeling Chips... will the paint peel off if painted?
  61. Restoring a glossy model?
  62. Question: Oils Over Acrylics?
  63. A "new" product for preppers :)
  64. Question: Really basic pastels question...
  65. Question: Is this even a real color?
  66. Tips for doing idbity flea bites
  67. Brush Soap
  68. Custom Hagen Renaker Minis
  69. Painting Tutorial Question
  70. I need to repair a tail...
  71. Can you remove sharpie from of?
  72. Question: How to remove gel pen from glossy model?
  73. Mane Color on a Strawberry Roan... Suggestions please.
  74. Anyone Ever Use This Stuff???
  75. Info: I just had an idea...
  76. Non-Toxic Product for Pinholes
  77. Help..gritty primer
  78. Stripping Clear Models?
  79. Gritty primer..problem resolved
  80. dull preferred
  81. Uneven hooves/feet
  82. Thoughts on making this Appaloosa even better?
  83. Major Paint Stripping Advice
  84. A case of sticky oily seepage...
  85. What colors would you like to see?
  86. How to Stop Yourself From Over-prepping?
  87. Question About Black Acryllics
  88. Dull Coat is no longer "dull"
  89. Questions on Oils?
  90. Where to start? Breyer painting kits any good?
  91. How to repair crackly gloss?
  92. A quick question about a tutorial I've seen
  93. Finding a model horse body to customize
  94. Looking for ...
  95. What do you guys use?
  96. Cool idea or bad idea? Painting a brand on a painted horse.
  97. Help Me Choose a Color for Beau!
  98. How to prime and paint a model with "real" hair
  99. I need a list of Preppers, please!
  100. Want to prep resins while camping. Very hot out! Okay?
  101. How to prep a horse
  102. What are the smallest brushes you use??
  103. Safari Animals and spray paint issue
  104. Fixing paint chips and rubs
  105. WANTED: Restoration on a few RARE vintage OF Breyer models... : )
  106. Need Any Ideas for Decos!
  107. fixing broken legs with jagged edges
  108. Natural or show blacked hooves?
  109. Lady Phase back seam split repair?
  110. Question: New to Customizing - "Skewed" Breyer American Saddlebred bodies. Normal?
  111. Backing out/changing a color help
  112. Acrylic Paint To Use?
  113. Red marks on my ponies
  114. Painting a White Horse
  115. Painting roans
  116. Super Quick Question!
  117. My old fleabitten tutorial in pdf form online finally :)
  118. Krylon Primer on a PS ASB... got something odd going on
  119. How do you prep a Eberl?
  120. Bay Roan Reiner - advice
  121. PS ASB Prepping problem
  122. Is it safe to spray sealer on top of model grass?
  123. Straightening Warped Legs
  124. Krylon Triple Thick recall
  125. Stripping a CM
  126. Help! Sun-whitening not working!
  127. venting box?
  128. How to safely remove black marks from models
  129. Eye Glossing: Nail Polish Alternatives
  130. Fixing a tail.
  131. Acrylics vs. Oils
  132. Need help with some Paint brush issues..
  133. Oil Painting Mentor/Hand Holder Needed!
  134. Need Ideas or Help with prepping a Glossy Model
  135. Classics experiments! First repair/customizations.
  136. How Do You Mix Your Horsey Colors?
  137. First attempt at pastels
  138. airbrush frustration/question
  139. HELP with a breyer with a name etched into it
  140. Drilling Ceramic?
  141. Acrylic Retarder - Best One?
  142. Question: Tutorials for painting with acrylics?
  143. After sealer
  144. Question: Does Ace Hardware Carry Dullcote?
  145. Desperately WANTED: Artist to restore a Breyer Appy PAM! She needs a little help...
  146. Question: Will CVS Oven Cleaner work just as well as Easy-OFF?
  147. IMG: HR Large Honora Restoration Project
  148. Dullcote on Touch-ups?
  149. Easy off is failing...
  150. Cleaning Flocked models..is it possible?
  151. Nail polish and models? Do they mix?
  152. Inspired or Funked?
  153. No suggestions for cleaning white flocking?? :(
  154. Help with fixing a mini leg and tail break
  155. help! mini crisis!
  156. Open Mouth Models - Need examples
  157. Medallion 'issue'...
  158. Protocol & Help for Customizing Hagen Renakers?
  159. Question: What do you use to gloss eyes and hooves?
  160. please help me - grainy pastels
  161. Pigment Recipes For Model Horses in the works... survey question and PDF sneak peek
  162. So how do you deal with this one?
  163. Brush stroke lines with oils
  164. BOW removing from base
  165. ARGGGG - crackling primer!?!
  166. Prepper
  167. My rescue foal...removing epoxy?
  168. Are Stone Chips more... bendy/breakable than Breyer SM's?
  169. Pastelers quick question
  170. How to paint a grulla?
  171. Pigment Recipes For Model Horses Will Be Online! UPDATE
  172. Acceptable Substitute(s) for Krylon Crystal Clear FLAT?
  173. Desk Light Recommendations
  174. When & How To Use Red Primer?
  175. Stripping paint in hard to reach areas...
  176. Time to update my studio!
  177. Where to buy....
  178. restorer near Wildwood, FL?
  179. What to buy?
  180. repairing china
  181. Need help fixing an AA Mini Mule
  182. Where do you guys buy your dremel attachments?
  183. Water Mixable Oil Paints?
  184. Question: want to paint shoes on OF Hank without harming him...
  185. CMing China Help!
  186. using nail polish on pin holes
  187. Gloss damage
  188. pastel help with basecoating etc
  189. Priming in Cold Weather
  190. Getting the gunk off
  191. Pewter Micro Mini Advice
  192. Airbrush Tips and Tricks?
  193. Question: How do I paint a buckskin without it looking like cheese?
  194. Sticky primer!!?? HELP
  195. Stripping - what do I do wrong?
  196. Has anyone tried Golden High Load acrylics?
  197. Moss, Grass, Sand, etc on bases...?
  198. Ear Repair on Mini Resin
  199. Why is the crazy glue method preferred over apoxy for ear repairs?
  200. Repairing glossies
  201. Question: Touching up an OF Breyer?
  202. Glossy Fixative for Super Sculpey?
  203. Fixing a Seam Split
  204. Iwata Airbrush - What Size Nozzle?
  205. What Medium To Use w/Pearl-ex Pigments?
  206. Ever Feel Like You Waste Primer?
  207. can I save this paintjob?
  208. Looking for Helpful Tutorials
  209. Another Pear-Ex question
  210. Question regarding oil paint and Testors Dullcoat???
  211. Question: Looking for a prep artist in Colorado.
  212. Your favorite prep artist(s)?
  213. Any tips on patching up white markings without the new paint "floating on top" ?
  214. Palomino Recipes?
  215. Removing dirt/rubs on model?
  216. Who can fix this? My poor broken Phar Lap
  217. Pigments Adhering to Primer
  218. My Weathergirl's Strange Legs
  219. Unbleached Muslin As A Shipping Barrier?
  220. How does it work?
  221. Krylon Matte Finish vs Crystal Clear vs Rust-oleum Satin Clear
  222. Can foals have shiny coats?
  223. Painting models with oils?
  224. Removing Old Primer?
  225. Question: Anyone have experience repairing Border Fine Arts???
  226. Where to find Plasti-kote white sandable primer?
  227. Question: CM Hartlands the same way you do Breyers?
  228. Is there any help for these?
  229. How do you do this tactfully??
  230. Repairing uneven break to bare Breyer plastic?
  231. Hair-by-Hair...the new standard of excellence??
  232. HELP! Re-attaching ears
  233. Pastels ..Can I use something other then TESTERS DULLCOTE.
  234. Oh Crap :\ ....Impasto Medium?
  235. HELP! Primer going sticky on a Mini Elnathan!!!
  236. Best Glue/Adhesive advice?
  237. Painting directly on OF
  238. Touching up rubs with pastels?
  239. Tips For Keeping Fadooglejargens Out Of Oil Paint?!! *grumble*
  240. Warped leg on a Glossy Breyer?
  241. Closeup of Esprit's sock?
  242. Question: Removing gessp?
  243. Fixing a possible seam split or two?
  244. Fixing ears
  245. Question: Can same primer/paint/sealer that I use on Breyer plastics be used on resins?
  246. Dull-Cote in jars (non-aerosol) - anyone use?
  247. Need Some Touch Up Advice on an OF
  248. dirty studios
  249. Carving Stablemate Ears?
  250. Totilas and sticky