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  1. Cindy Evans (image intensive!)
  2. Cindy Evans (image intensive!)
  3. Andrea Kessler!!!
  4. Silke Kegel!
  5. Kathy Jones!
  6. Camilla Johansson - a rare master...
  7. Martha Bechtel
  8. Karen Giesbrecht
  9. Tracy Reedy
  10. Patricia Nelson Graves
  11. Becky Roberts - WOW!
  12. Ok! New Customs! Check 'em out!
  13. Lexie Lawrynovicz
  14. My First Custom-Opinions Please?
  15. Teresa Botkins!
  16. Mary Miller
  17. Melissa Buckler
  18. White Pine Equine- The Mangans!
  19. Way to go Artocyn!
  20. I really want to customize a model, but...
  21. Hair or No?
  22. Charlotte Donahue
  23. First Time touching an airbrush....
  24. Need Airbrush Help
  25. my horse... he needs eyes...
  26. Don't Laugh!
  27. Repositioning?
  28. First time painting questions
  29. How do you...
  30. I'm getting better
  31. A little help please???????
  32. hairing?
  33. Palomino Problems
  34. He's NOT cooperating with ME~!
  35. Cigar.....
  36. Where to shade...
  37. Dapples...
  38. how to get paint to stick to micro minis?
  39. Spray Primer - What am I doing wrong??
  40. how am I doing?
  41. Question about a simple CM
  42. is this considered??
  43. Paint...
  44. I am thinking of...........
  45. I need some info on cutomizing horses
  46. eyes?!?
  47. Any Suggestions?
  48. What type of paint do I use ???
  49. Appaloosa Critiques?
  50. pastel
  51. help!
  52. Pastelling Questions (Tips welcome!) :D
  53. How do you custimize model horses?
  54. Pastelling... what do I need?
  55. In praise of the mighty Qtip!
  56. My airbrush is inherently evil-- HELP!
  57. Dry-Brushing with Acrylics
  58. Now this is going to sound really stupid..
  59. Just finished him!
  60. New to Customizing... have some questions
  61. Sculpting manes and tails?
  62. Pastel Question!
  63. A new cust
  64. how do you clean/paint porcelain horsies?
  65. Can you safely take HR's off of their bases?
  66. Whats everyone think
  67. Palomino in Pastels
  68. Invitation to all aspiring artists!
  69. The RESS Calendar of Events - Fall 2005
  70. My First Saddlepad
  71. Second Saddlepad--less busy lol
  72. Alia Whipple - Tack :)
  73. What do you think of my first grey?
  74. First attempt with Apoxie Sculpt
  75. My first commission!!
  76. If you had one (or two) tip of advice for a newbie...
  77. Little Bit Arab-WIP, What Next?
  78. Updated Gallery Images of WIP
  79. Look Out for Karen Beeson!!!
  80. keep your eyes on Laura Nead
  81. Liz Who?!?
  82. 1st attempt at customizing....
  83. Another Work In Progress...
  84. Buckskin Appaloosa Indian Breyer
  85. SM Paint
  86. What do you think?
  87. Ready for some thoughts...
  88. Shiela Anderson
  89. Dani Schacht
  90. My First Custom - WIP
  91. Hilary Schwafel
  92. Arabian lovers, new artist!
  93. 2 New ones
  94. What do you think?
  95. New customizer, lovely work!!
  96. Lisa Sharpe
  97. Attention New Artists!
  98. New Medallion!
  99. First custom in a long time
  100. Leone
  101. Tara Louiselle
  102. Incredibly promising artist!
  103. Help needed...
  104. Do I need a new neck...again?
  105. Harnesses, Implements, etc.
  106. Realistic roaning?
  107. Extended trot Big Ben
  108. Progress of First Custom, tips welcome! (Img+)
  109. Look what I made!
  110. Painting detailed hooves
  111. Head Repositioning
  112. Painting paint horses
  113. Second Traditional dapple gray++++IMG
  114. "Slow Fade" - WIP
  115. Karen Zorn of ZornArt Studios!
  116. Wish me luck!
  117. Wow! I'm suprised these hav'nt been talked about yet!
  118. Cinda Rich of ArtbyCinda!!
  119. First Complete Etchy!
  120. My etching
  121. Bay Paint Lady Phase
  122. "Domnopalus" equine creature sculpt WIP (img heavy)
  123. Question: New to Customizing... Help??
  124. Can I get some feedback on my etchie
  125. Is it better to name the horse or let the buyer do it?
  126. Raw (red and bleeding status) Beginner
  127. I am afraid of bright colours
  128. Color suggestions?
  129. Sculpting Mats
  130. Yankee II in Chocolate Palomino
  131. Party on the Platte
  132. Shades SM Fantasy custom- my first custom Breyer!
  133. Skunkworks!
  134. A couple of custom stablemates by me
  135. Emilia Kurila
  136. AKB
  137. help with critique of my blue medallion
  138. help with foalie and angry mom
  139. Started first custom. A sabino paint. Tips needed
  140. Alright let er rip, my first etchie
  141. My first custom to look like my horse.
  142. Ben Medallion progress pics
  143. Ive been practising
  144. Beginning custom painter who needs feedback/advice
  145. Elmhurst In Progress, helpful critiques welcome :)
  146. My first dapple grey... i think i made the dapples too big... opinions?
  147. Classic QH foal not yet finished
  148. A few pieces of my work
  149. Dapple gray Vegas medallion
  150. Chestnut appy nursing foal "Lola"
  151. First couple of customs
  152. Black Rabicano-HELP!!!
  153. Some of My Latest Work
  154. My Newest Piece
  155. My first ever try at painting a resin in oils!
  156. Platinum: How to get that color in oils?
  157. Dapple Buckskin Apple Techie Resin
  158. New Medallion Caspian- Crit needed
  159. Help with complicated pose please?
  160. First Attempts in Oils
  161. Bay Roan Tips
  162. My (CM) Mare is "Pregnant" - 1st pastel Foal in creation!
  163. Beginning with Pastels
  164. Custom Review :)
  165. Bay Roan-What can I do now?
  166. Feedback / Suggestions on Medallion
  167. First attempt at a dapple grey
  168. Custom Help!
  169. First Time w/Oils & Dapple Grey - Am I doing this right?
  170. First horse I have painted all by myself: The Saga plus photos
  171. First sculpt....Oh dear.
  172. First serious horse sculpture WIP
  173. Unicorn
  174. Artistic frustration!!!!
  175. First time buying an air compressor and air brush! I have no clue what Im doing!
  176. Pastel help please
  177. Just finished my first AR and in a color I've never done before!
  178. Pokey Portrait in Progress
  179. My first roany-ponies!
  180. Work in Progress CM foal
  181. Work in progress - SM Arabian Stallion
  182. Need some feedback on color!
  183. 80's Hair
  184. Starting a SM Marwari Foal Sculpt
  185. Lots of Firsts
  186. How do you know that you’re ready to take commissions?
  187. New etcher seeking advice and gentle criticism :-)
  188. First Remake
  189. First Custom, crit and feedback please :)
  190. Help with a Custom Idea
  191. Very first custom
  192. Airbrushing Tips & Blue Eyes
  193. First custom!
  194. First CM in a long time
  195. First Horse I have tried Painting
  196. First custom
  197. First Trad Custom in the Works: ASB Clock Horse with Relaxed Mane and Tail
  198. Fuwa Fuwa and Jumping Arabian
  199. Shading in White/black Areas?
  200. Traditional Size QH WIP
  201. First Time Using Pastels and First Traditional - REAL CRITICISM WANTED!
  202. White markings help
  203. blocking in paint
  204. First custom
  205. My customs
  206. Opinions on a WIP?
  207. WIP Etching Tips and Opinions