View Full Version : Donna Giles (Cobalt Customs) anyone..?

07-26-2004, 02:53 AM
Hi all!
Does anyone know how I can get in touch with Donna Giles from Cobalt Customs? She's not anwering my e-mails.. It's nothing bad, just a question about a repaint.

07-26-2004, 03:17 AM
I've got her email address floating around somewhere - but she doesn't always answer right away. I *might* have her phone number, but she moved since the last time I called her.

She will be at Breyerfest/NAN though - she may be busy putting the finishing touches on sales models & packing and so on. PM me your name & email address, and if I run into her there, I'll pass the message along.

You might want to sub to her live show group (MotownLive@yahoogroups.com), that might catch her attention as the group is slow right now, since the next Motown Live isn't until next spring.

07-26-2004, 10:43 AM
She is NAMHSA's graphic artist... she might be super busy right now getting the program and auction booklet done. I know her e-mail has been spotty, she didn't receive some of my e-mails when we were working out the auction booklet. I'd say just try again and wait until after BF/NAN since she will probably be gone the whole week.