View Full Version : NEW LOWER PRICES on our Stablemate TWH series!

04-03-2005, 07:37 AM
EquinArt Creations Inc has an important announcement on our new series of Tennessee Walking Horse resins....we are LOWERINGthe prices! Our manufacturer gave us excellent prices, and I am passing the savings along to our customers. Not only have we lowered the prices on these guys but we are also including FREE SHIPPING to USA destinations.

Tennessee Walking Horse series - produced by EquinArt Creations Inc and sculpted by Maggie Bennett under contract to EquinArtThree Stablemate sized walkers - park stance gelding, flat shod mare, running walk stallion
- Solid resin cast
- Unpainted only in the regular run series. Artist's Choice models will be painted by guest artists and auctioned on Ebay. Join our Collector's Club list for more information and announcements.
- Approximately 2 3/4" tall
- Open release - like Breyer, these guys are now part of our regular product line and will be offered until we decide to discontinue them

Models ship May -June 2005

NEW PRICES effective April 1, 2005.

Any ONE $40 each
Any two $70
Order all three $90

ORDER ONLINE at www.equinartcreations.com/TWH.html