View Full Version : GREAT trade w/Christy Moore aka Crapadeous!!

04-03-2005, 03:31 PM
Christy and I recently completed a trade that was many months in the making (mostly due to delays caused by me, I freely admit). She was patient and understanding that I HAD the model, I just couldn't get it out to her. When I finally did ship it, she notified me the moment he arrived as well as keeping me posted on delays she was having getting my end of the trade out to me (also mostly my fault, since I had held up the deal so long). I got the horse on Tuesday and it's just wonderful, well worth the wait IMHO. Even more valuable was the open, honest communication during the time when the trade was set but not completed, and the understanding that kept the whole situation from becoming volatile or falling through (situations which I sadly hear of all the time). So I am posting this so everyone knows that Christy is solid gold and fabulous to deal with!!