View Full Version : CM Verroccio coming!

04-08-2005, 08:59 PM
I have just completed a beautiful CM "Verroccio".
He has been made more 'tack friendly' with openings under the forelock, at the poll and through the mane in two areas.
I have also thinned the mane at the wither for saddle fit.

He has a touch more nasal ridge and more muscle on the left forearm. But these changes are nearly invisible as the original was in need of no real changes.

He has been painted a very dark, Rose grey....black shoulder and croup... I have been experimenting with colors of Rose Grey and tried one of Carol William's formulas on this guy. I hope to get better photos to post tomorrow. I am very excited about him and hope he will be well received.

He does NOT have a home as yet....

Chris Jolly