View Full Version : Delays, delays, delays... will be back soon hopefully!

04-12-2005, 07:09 AM
Hi, I just wanted to publically let folks know that I moved and have some serious internet connection issues.. not to mention all the typically moving errands I'm juggling...

So if anyone is waiting for a reply, just wanted to let them know that I'm NOT ignoring them. I think I warned everyone I was in the midst of business transactions with about this tho too.

If it's an urgent question, please include in any emails your phone number as, while my land line is useless for the moment here, my cell phone seems to still be a reliable means of communication! And fortunately, my email IS getting in and out in little spurts too. So hopefully, slowly but surely, this move will get less 'exciting'. ;) I'm dying to be done with these games and set up shop in my new big studio! (who really needs a bedroom imo? lol!). :bloom:

Ok, so for now I'm crossing my fingers that this post'll go thru, I've been pushing it this morning.. ;) :crossedf: :pray