View Full Version : Green Lights to...

04-15-2005, 12:48 PM
It's about time to spend some green lights I think; . I have great made deals with all that people from last year/year before until now . They are not in a specific order, as all transactions with this people were great :)

Annette Dean
Amy Barker
Betty Hook
Carla Miller
Kathy Curtis
Lisa Gorbatjuk
Virginia Brotherton
Anne Bennet
April Snow
Jodi L. Eagle
Miriam (Booksaplenty)
Lynnea Britton (she should be on top may be ;), she's really wonderful person to deal with)
Rita Hedden
Sandy Devers
Rita L. Menard
Tracy Snook
Janet Davis
K. Gerhardt
Le Mule Chic
Mandy Triebel
Juliane Garstka
Martina Hinsen (Hegehof)
Petra Albegger

Heather Roell (OK I didn't buy from her, but she helped me lot to buy from others. THANKS !!!)

I may be (or quit sure) forgot some :( and may be I wrote some names wrong , but hope that is no problem