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11-02-2011, 07:27 PM
I'll be MIA on and off from Blab and the internet for awhile, probably through the year end. I will be focusing my time finishing up any remaining orders people have with me so I can focus on making Adiva an active business in 2012. I got married this summer, and just bought a house which my husband and I closed on about mid month. We're finally done moving again, and now it's just mainly unpacking to be done. I'm very excited to say that I finally get to have my own "horse room/office" just for tack making and hobby stuff, but the pile of boxes still sitting outside the room is an indication that it will still be another good week or two before I have all my craft stuff unpacked, organized, and back under control to say the least! If you hear of anybody complaining or trying to find me, kindly direct them to the following email address:


Due to just very recently moving into our new home we have not yet established internet access through a land line. My husband opted to buy an android pad that I pick up wireless internet through my laptop on, but internet has been a little sketchy. I don't know if he's gonna let me do the land line access or not yet, we're still giving this thing some time. Some days it works fine and other days I can't get on at all. We have had troubles with the pad, and requested that Verizon send us one two months ago, after never receiving a replacement we went back and complained, and they decided they are sending us another one. It's been about 2 weeks so far and no replacement yet, but hopefully this time we'll actually get it. I suspect if we ever recieve a properly working pad that our internet problem will probably be solved. There's also the issue that my husband likes to take the pad to work with him, it's a favorite toy, so I'm also stuck waiting for internet access until he gets his butt home in the evenings. Needless to say I haven't been as active online as possible, so if you or someone else wants to contact me you may have to be patient as it might take 2 or 3 days for a response instead of the usual 2 hours I've previously been known for!

Anyway, can't wait to get through this crazy year, get caught up and come back to blabbing! That'll be my reward to myself once I've done my job and finished my tack! :lol

Oh, also gonna be a name change that will be seen around soon. My new last name is Halvas, so I will be changing that on MH$P, Blab...etc So if you hear of anybody asking where Melissa Nei went, kindly tell them it's now Melissa Halvas, and I'm still around :)