View Full Version : Rebakah McIntier - update and addy

08-05-2004, 12:35 PM
Good morning all.

Some times it pays to gamble, i found a adress on white pages with a
phone number that i tried to call, and it was in fact her husband
(Ennish) Mum & Dad i had reached.

Theyre very nice people, and mail can be sent to their adress:

att: Rebakah mcIntier
RR 2 Box 136
Wolfe City, TX 75496-9717

(903) 496-2412 <- thats the number i called - please be gentle when
calling these people im sure they have no clue to what the horse
hobby is all about ... so no attacking them LOL - just leave a
message and they will make sure Bacca gets it.

They will then forward the mail to her as well.

I asked them if they was okay after they had moved, and i was told
that all they had at the moment was basic utilities - water and
electricity and that was about it. Their phoneline had gone down,
and not been restored. (Im not sure ive explained it correctly here
but it was something along those lines). Their cellphones dosnt work
either, and they have to go to town, to make just a simple phone
call. In short - theyre very very VERY isolated to the area they
moved to, and with the phoneline being down.. well theyre more
isolated then ever before.

But good news is that they're okay. I must confess i had been
worried something had happened to them during the move. Im so
relived theyre all okay. Imagine moving out in the middle of nowhere
and be cut off from every thing. Rebakah metioned (before the phone
lines went down there, on the rare occasion i caught her online)
that she was so lonely out there. I can only imagine how it is now
with them being totally cut off from every thing.

Anyway hope it helps some of you guys that has been looking for her -