View Full Version : Stone Horses, Equilocity July 18-20, Lexington, Ky.

06-13-2013, 03:04 PM
The Peter Stone Company is once again holding Equilocity, July 18th-20th at the Marriott Griffin Gate, 1800 Newtown Pike, Lexington, Ky. The Marriott Griffin Gate is located next to the Clarion (the old Holiday Inn North) where many model festivities are held.
Infomation on Equilocity can be found at Stoneponys.com or at Stonehorses.com, click the events tab, scroll down to Equilocity and click on it.

Besides the Stone Age Live-the Equilocity show, which is held on Saturday and is open to entries, there will be events held each day.
All of the events can be found and orderable from either of the two above web sites.

The show will also have 2 fantasy model classes: OF Stone fantasy model, which is defined as an original finish fantasy model sold by the Stone Company and Stone Customized fantasy model which is a customized model which started life as a Stone model. Further info on those classes may be viewed on the "class list" link on the Equilocity site. Check it out!

If you sign up for the dinner (which will be held in the cool, comfortable ballroom at the Griffin Gate)prior to July 9, your name will be put into a raffle for one of three special weanlings painted to look like White Hawk, the Indian pony who is one of the models offered for sale at Equilocity. The babies, two glossy, one matte, will also sport fethers in their tails. YOu do NOT need to be present to win.

AND the center piece model is back. There will be a center piece model at every table. One person at each table will win the center piece!