View Full Version : Yo! Do I have one of your models?

11-05-2013, 12:11 AM
I have posted this up on MH$P's and posting here for a few more eyes to see:

Making sure everyone has their model's that they have waited so long for so I can clear out the studio of those pending models:-

"Strawberry Strike" - Loping Classic QH Mare painted to a bay roan - sent to owner (please email me if you would like the tracking number) Update: Still haven't heard about delivery from owner as of 05/11/2013

Boss 302 & Kick the Can - sending to owner Wednesday 6th November 2013 (confirmed contact with owner)

Shah Azim, Sumara & Standing Ovation (painted by T. Lurie) - sent to owner (hunting the tracking number as confirmed contact with owner that she hasn't recieved them - will email through number shortly) Update: Haven't had confirmation of arrival as of 05/11/2013

Peter Stone Thoroughbred Model Custom - have emailed owner about replacement 'body' as this guy was never finished and is currently "in progress" with the customising. Waiting for email back from owner. Update: Still haven't heard from owner as of 05/11/2013

Indian Pony Custom - Update: Refund on body has been sent as owner no longer has need/want for the body.

I have a Black Horse Ranch Percheron Resin that I know I painted for someone in 2008 - I cannot find emails for the owner of this model (he is pictured above in progress) that I have had for a number of years now, would love to send him home. If he is yours, please send me an email, or payment to show he is yours (would hate to send him out to someone who doesn't own him). If he is not claimed within 2 months, he will be stripped, repainted and sold at some point. Update: Still have not heard from possible owner of this model as of 05/11/2013

This is him:

He is finished with shoes on as well, this was a WIP picture I had available

That is all I can see from walking around the studio that I haven't sent out - please email me if we were in the process of a comission/custom/sale or something and you have not recieved your model. Wanting to clean these guys out and one day maybe start fresh with painting and customising again (sorry, never doing comissions again, just straight sales).

I will be advertising some of my finished models that have been kept in a glass cabinet shortly, so if you are interested in my work, please check out my other adverts.

Thank you - and Happy Holidays!

You can view the ad here: http://modelhorsesalespages.com/view.asp?id=1038333