View Full Version : Resin Cattle Still Available!

03-15-2014, 01:01 AM
Just incase Any of you forgot, my 4 resin cows are still available! I have 4, 3 in SM scale and one in Traditional that are still available! The Traditional calves addition will be closing SOON but the SMs are still going strong!

Please email me at dnkyspot@msn.com for images, NONE are over $45.00 unpainted.

below is an image of Buck. He's been around forever and his resin addition is closing soon. He's helped countless clients NAN qualify in performance. He does it ALL. He can be used for cutting AND, place him on his hind legs and use him with a BHR reining horse, PS Performance horse or similar horse and he looks like he's just been caught by a rope! He's just $45.00 unpainted.

I also Have a mini version of him in SM scale called Heathen! There's also a cutting SM calf named Flip and a running SM calf named Clifford! The SMs are just $25.00 unpainted!