View Full Version : KNC Studio's books are officially OPEN

06-29-2014, 05:03 PM
Hey everyone! I just wanted to put an official announcement that my books have reopened. I've opened up spots here and there quietly on my facebook page, but it's time to open them officially back on my webpage, etc.

Commissions taken between now and the end of August have a tentative completion date of late December - which can always be pushed back if paying the last time payment around the Holidays sucks too much. Basically late December is the *earliest* I am comfortable guaranteeing a completed horse, if anyone would prefer a later completion date so they can pay later/longer payments, cool with me.

Prices are on my website:

Please note that I just updated my page with new photos, and the "lightbox" feature is glitching on my newest photos (so they aren't blowing up to full size when you click on them.) High quality photos of all my current work is on my facebook page, and you should not have to be logged into facebook to see them:


Feel free to message me here, on facebook, or email me at kncstudio@gmail.com with ideas or for more info.

For quick reference, my most recent work: