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11-03-2014, 11:13 AM
HUGE Lot of 14 Breyer/Stone Model Horses $1 NR!! (http://www.panjo.com/buy/huge-lot-of-14-breyer-stone-model-horses-1-nr-157797)

3 DAYS ONLY!! Offered for sale is a very nice lot of Traditional Breyer model horses. None of them are broken and if they have noticeable flaws I have listed it below. I don?t really consider them LSQ but I am a very picky collector. This would be a perfect gift for the horse crazy person in your life! Or if you like to customize your models this is a perfect assortment that took me months to put together.

-2013 Christmas Saddlebred Stallion Holiday Horse on Parade---Costume NOT included. He has a pen tip sized dot on his left hind hock and a pen tip sized dot on the right side of his neck and left hip.

-World Equestrian Games Model Esprit?I bought this guy to be used as a body because he has very noticeable seams. Has Altech FEI KY 2010 imprinted on his belly

-Peter Stone Ideal Stock Horse (ISH)-Multiple scratches and some type of film on his finish (this film is not sticky though!) Eartip rubs and nostril rubs

-Peter Stone Performance Pony

-Stud Spider Mold Overo Paint-Multiple rubs-

Show Jumping Warmblood with stand-Multiple shiny marks, black mark on right barrel.

-Windtalker with stand?2007 Collector?s Choice Model. NICE stand?.looks like the ground from a racing track

-Ethereal Mold-Grullo Pinto--Pen tip sized rub on right neck.

-Rejoice?this model has been primed with white primer. Needs more primer or you can use Lestoil to remove and the primer should come right off.

-Totilas?TINY pen tip sized white dot on left shoulder

-Keltic Salinero?slight rubs on right shoulder-Jumper with stand-Shiny marks all over model


-Silver Treasure Hunt Silver Dun 2007

Payment is due within 24 hours after auction ends. Sorry, no International shipping. Shipping is $35 and includes insurance. There are a lot of models here and they will be well wrapped! From a non-smoking home. Please check out my other auctions that include a LOT of stablemates and classics and some of my show models. I will combine auctions to save on shipping. Thanks and Happy Bidding!

List Date: 11/3/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: HUGE Lot of 14 Breyer/Stone Model Horses $1 NR!! (http://www.panjo.com/buy/huge-lot-of-14-breyer-stone-model-horses-1-nr-157797)

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