View Full Version : Jacqueline Weidner

12-11-2014, 09:50 PM
Hello fellow Blabbers!

I was wondering if anyone has been in contact with a woman named Jacqueline Weidner lately.

She bought a Resin from me on T/Ps and has sent the last payment, but I have emailed her a few times and have not heard anything back. She wanted me to mail the model to an Artist in the US, but that Artist says she has never heard from her about any commission so now I don't know if I should mail the model directly to her or not. - I only contacted the Artist because I have not heard anything back from Jacqueline and was hoping that maybe the Artist was expecting the model anyways.

The only thing stopping me about mailing the model to the buyer, is that she sent the last payment only including shipping paid for to the US and she lives over seas.

Does she have more than one email address?

Any help is appreciated!