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01-16-2015, 04:02 PM
Hey all. I was directed to the "latest and greatest" controversial thread ("New Blab Classifieds") and I will state right now that I am extremely disappointed. What started out as something most of us looked at as "oh, hey, that's interesting, let's give it a whirl" turned into something that looked like it was born out of the immature drama that is high school!

Just a week or two ago I looked at my stats on Blab and was delighted to notice that I've been a member for nearly five years. I was sad when my paid subscription ran out several months ago and I didn't have the funds to renew it. I was planning on renewing it with my next sold custom, even though a part of me was having trouble justifying it due to how tight finances are as a newly married woman. However, I don't believe I will. My reason for so not doing is due to the incredible lack of maturity, customer service, etc. I have seen exhibited. It takes a ton of work and energy to run a website, and even more so to moderate or admin one as lively as Blab, but ignoring and then blatantly telling members who express their opinion to shove it is uncalled for. Being under stress or being attacked is no excuse to take it out on others. Part of being an adult is showing maturity and tact. I've been cussed out more than I care to admit, over things that were and were not my fault, but you learn to smile and nod and take any good from what was said and you move forward, and if something needs to be directly addressed in the moment, you do so with maturity and tact. You know how much it hurts to be told your efforts need to be changed/improved upon/not good enough? But when you take it with a grain of salt and move forward, sooner or later you find you're grateful. Also, in any form of business, there's a fine line between keeping customers happy and...well, everything else. However, because you ARE a business, your customers MUST come first. I run two businesses. I am independent, and I have rights in my own business (such as deciding not to do business on Sunday due to my personal religious beliefs), but when you make independent decisions that may make the customer upset, you either move forward slowly and carefully while listening intently to feedback, or, yes, you can say "screw you", do your own thing, and alienate customers. That's a choice you have to live with. But for goodness' sake, develop a thicker skin and don't get petty with your customers when they offer you feedback!

Anyway. I'm not going to continue on that vein any more, as the points I would have made were already made by many Blabbers in the aforementioned thread. I may occasionally still post on here (which will be rare due to not having many forums open to me in my unpaid member status, and my main interests being in customizing, not OFs). If you want my opinion on anything, PM me on Facebook. My final point is, I won't be renewing my Blab subscription. I would, however, very much like to keep in touch with fellow Blabbers. I have a studio Facebook account. Hit me up! My studio account is https://www.facebook.com/TempestWindStudio. Also, if anyone were to create a new forum, please let me know. I miss the chatter and being able to share my WIPs and such on here.

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Liked you on Facebook :hugg

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:hugg :hugg :hugg :hugg

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:( I am sorry you are leaving too.

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Sorry to see that you aren't going to renew your sub, but I understand. I too have wondered about renewing. I enjoy the tack forum which is mostly what has kept me here, although I also enjoy it here during Breyerfest and NAN, as there is a lot of info and fun things to read. I don't have time to keep up with all of the forums, but I pop in here and there. I just wonder how many tack makers will still be posting in the tackroom, as some have left previously, and at least one other is thinking about it now. I hope that at least a few contributors to the tack thread will stay on. I'm glad that you still plan to stay on as a member, and haven't totally closed the door. For now I plan to stay on and see how things play out. :hugg

01-17-2015, 12:30 PM
Thank you all. :) You guys rock!

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