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01-20-2015, 03:42 AM
This is the first time I've left a red light for someone but this was rather annoying. I finally found a War Admiral on the Man O'War Traditional size and got it for $15.50. I was looking at another horse this seller, "rachelove1" had. I never got a contact message or anything regarding paying for the model. I had sent her an email saying I was looking at another horse and would pay for the Admiral when I figured out if I won the other item or not. I didn't and requested an invoice. Nothing. The next morning I decided I was going to pay without the invoice...and what shows up in my inbox instead? A "cancelled order" message from ebay with NO explanation for why. I sent the seller an email requesting to know why it was cancelled when I had no negative feedback and no warning. NO reply. I called ebay and was told they weren't given a reason either. I don't like leaving negative feedback if I can work things out, but ebay said to give her 48 hours to reply to email, and then it was up to me to leave negative feedback or not. They told me there was no realm of retaliation for me as they had changed their policy to not allow sellers to leave negative feedback for a buyer if a buyer left negative feedback for the seller. So Jan 20th is 48 hours. I'll be sending her one last message to let her know I'd like some sort of information otherwise I will be leaving negative feedback for her. I hate to do it, but this whole thing is really weird. She had 100% feedback mostly as a buyer and she sold several items as well. An updated email I got today said she cancelled the order because she couldn't fulfill the purchase or had no more in stock. What does that mean?

I don't know this was a shady deal all around if there ever was one. Be fore warned if you see her auctions...

01-20-2015, 10:51 AM
Well that one's got me scratching my head.

Hope you find another War Admiral.

01-20-2015, 11:30 AM
Thanks, I'm all sorts of confused though. :huh

01-20-2015, 01:03 PM
Maybe she just changed her mind and wanted to keep it? But didn't want to admit it?

01-23-2015, 05:02 AM
maybe the item was lost or broken. As someone who sells a lot of ebay it does happen (Even though I put stuff away right after I list it in a fairly organized fashion, sometimes I just cant find something...very aggravating! Because I really DO want to sell it! Lol!) OR-as Im packing the thing, Ill spot a flaw I didnt notice while listing-However I always message the buyer and apologize profusely.

Carly mahoney

01-23-2015, 08:03 PM
It's the lack of communication that's the issue here, though. How long would it have taken just to drop the buyer a line in explanation?