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03-11-2015, 10:57 PM
This is an early sneak peek and contest announcement for my new mustang herd in progress. They are large stablemate scale They are apx. 2.5" tall at the withers. 'll be doing my best to sculpt them to represent the Pryor Mustang breed as close as I can.

The three horses I've started are very rough draft stage. The next stage is refining the conformation and begin detailing. Today I made a lot of detailing progress on the rearing up horse... the one getting kicked. I'm making his eyes a little bit squinty (because he's getting kicked). More detailing work to do but I love how he's looking so far. This herd might grow over time. I love the idea of sculpting more interacting mustangs. Progress photos of these horses will be shared on my Facebook page > https://www.facebook.com/ksmithequinecreations?ref=hl

Contest >
I've started a lil' contest on my Facebook page and thought I should post it on Blab also. Your welcome to join in. Right now the gender of the horses is not yet determined. I propose a story for the fun of it so this herd's story can be shared when the resins are released. Whats going on in the herd? Who's kicking and why, and is the horse taking off in a gallop the herd stallion or ?? Post your short story as a comment. You're welcome to name the mustangs in your story. The winner will receive the start of this herd when they are released (up to 4 resins). There are some great stories posted so far on my Facebook page. Post your story by March 30th. The story winner will be announced on the 31st.

Also, if you really like someone's story you can vote for each other. Everyone who has voted for the winning story will have their name put into a bag for a free resin mustang herd drawing (up to 4 horses).

It's too soon to say when these resins will be released but I'll be working on them as much as I can to hopefully be close to resin casting them in a month or two for one or two of them.

03-12-2015, 06:55 AM
Oh they're fabulous!

03-12-2015, 10:31 AM
The one getting kicked should definitely be a stud horse. To me it looks like a bachelor stallion, or possibly even a two year old colt who's getting too big for his britches, is checking out a herd stallion's mare. She's telling him to back off (I remember Sitka kicking at Cloud like that back when Flint was still a baby and Cloud was still trying to start a herd). The one racing in looks like he's snaking his head or getting ready to take a bite off the frisky fellow. They really do remind me of the Pryor mustangs. :) Great job so far!

Miss Susan
03-12-2015, 10:47 AM
Oh how lovely. I always wanted to paint some horses to look like some of these Mustangs and you're doing it. :clap I.have to ask if your reference photo is one of Hope Ryden's? "...uppercut stuns a stallion" I believe was the caption on this one. I'm curious because I've loved (and obsessed :uh) a bit.over the appy in the photo since it came out in the 70s. :).I'm excited. :yaymiller

ETA: :doh.I didn't read your contest. If my magazine wasn't packed, I could tell you why Black (not positive) is getting kicked. :lol I can tell you his color. :adore