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03-15-2015, 03:44 PM
I am again holding my two Red Devil Live shows this year. August 1, 2015 is Red Devil Live OF Plastic Breyer (also for other OF plastic, but not Stones, they go in the other show). August 15, 2015 is Red Devil Live OF China/resin OF Stone plus Custom Glazed classes. Both shows will be held at Jefferson County fairgrounds in Golden, CO. Golden is about a half hour west of Denver. Both shows have applied for NAMHSA member show status. Both shows offer lots of classes!! There are halter classes and collectability classes and color classes (if time/interest allow). Both shows have separate mini divisions. I have a website which is mostly for the Breyer show, but I am trying to add in the other show www.reddevillive.weebly.com. I also have Facebook pages for them. And I am/will be posting on yahoo groups, Colorado Hobbyist and NAMHSA Region 3 and maybe other regions as well. You also can email me for a show packet horsedevil@aol.com. Hope to see you at the shows!!

07-17-2015, 09:27 PM
Updates!! Both shows are NAMHSA member shows!! Lots of NAN cards available to win!! Also, the OF Plastic Breyer show on August 1 has been chosen as a Breyer Live Show Benefit Program show. That means Breyer is donating a limited special run Razzmatazz model to be raffled off to one lucky entrant!! Feel free to email for a show packet or with any questions. Email horsedevil @ aol.com.