View Full Version : Remmington Kopay (Returning NRFB Horse Due to Seeking LSQ) - proceed w/ Caution

06-01-2015, 07:17 PM
I have told this person that in exchange for returning the horse, I would refund 65 of the 70 that he/ she paid once I have the horse in hand and ask others to proceed with caution.

This model was advertised with pictures as NRFB (Breyer Wapiti). Additionally, my policies on mhsps state that none of my models are lsq, but sold as shelf models and if you are seeking lsq, these may not be the models for you. My policies also state that all sales are final, no returns, refunds or exchanges.

I was paid by this person earlier this month. He / she did not ask about the condition of the model, paid promptly and the model was shipped to he/she. Today, they stated that they received the model and would like to return it because:

1. The shipping box was too big.
2. The post office had opened the shipping box and had taped over the shipping label.
3. The horse was removed from the Breyer box at some point prior to their purchase and was not NRFB because (they surmised) because there are black marks and overspray. Note - the horse is nrfb as received from a dealer - still clipped in the ties.
4. Once I agreed to refund 55 of the70, he/she wanted me to refund 65.00 and stated that none of this was my fault, the model was not the quality that he/she was looking for. The model is still clipped in the ties According to him/her.
5. I advised this person to select sales of advertised lsq, out of box models in his / her future sales.

Kelly Toukatly