View Full Version : How long do I wait for response??

07-12-2015, 04:29 PM
A person contacted me about a model purchase on July 10th. I sent invoice for model same day. She later contacts me about a model that I may trade and asks what I am looking for. I sent my wish list to her. After that email NOTHING! I resent emails last night and resent invoice again today. How long do I wait to cut ties with this person? I know she has posted her own models for sale on MH$P as of the July 10th.

07-13-2015, 01:11 AM
When you say "contacted you about a model purchase", do you mean she was asking for information, or saying she was going to buy?

First person to pay is the buyer, unless you have a hold agreement with one who inquired. If another buyer is ready to pay before she responds, IMO you don't have to wait for her or even contact her. You've contacted her a second time, that's enough, if she doesn't respond then she's no longer interested.

If you do have a hold agreement with the one who inquired, but didn't give a hold expiration date, follow up now and send her a date the hold ends (a day or two is fine). If she doesn't respond and the hold expires, don't worry about it, sell to whoever is ready to pay.

I think people who inquire but don't respond again are frequently comparing several things they would like to buy, but don't have the budget for all of them. After they get all the information sorted out and have made their selection(s) several days may have gone by and they figure contacting sellers with declines is just spamming them.

"Cut ties" is not how I would look at it. I just wouldn't necessarily expect to hear anything. :)

Good luck with your sale! :rays