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07-29-2015, 06:12 PM
I wasn't able to make Breyerfest this year but really wanted a couple of the SR models, Haute Couture and Enchante. I sent her my 3 day ticket and told her which ones I wanted. Chelsea was very patient with me when I sort of took my time mailing her the ticket package and answering my questions and putting up with a couple of changes of my mind. She kept in contact like she said she would and emailed us after BF to update us on our pick-ups. The only "thing" was when she sent an email saying she had left-overs and I responded saying I might be interested, depending on what it was and the cost. She didn't reply to that email. When she let us know stuff had started to go out I asked how long would it take to get my shipping invoice and she said she thought I was interested in the left-overs and wanted to make sure everyone was getting what they ordered and didn't want me to miss out but would get me a shipping cost. I told her I was still interested and asked what she had. The matte appy quelle surprise had a ding over one of his eyes and when I asked for a picture she sent it quickly. I said I wanted him and she got me a shipping quote and shipped my stuff out all on the same evening. My box arrived today and my 2 models were packed very well in addition to the bubble wrap Breyer had them in. She also included a program, which was a nice extra to have. The ding on the matte appy looks like the white spots that're supposed to be there unless you look real close. I'm jist glad I got my favorite one for so close to cost.

Anyway, it was a great transction and I thank you very much, Chelsea!

~~~brenda lacy~~~

07-29-2015, 06:27 PM
Awesome! :clap:clap