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08-03-2015, 12:22 PM
I am extremely disapointed that this transaction didn't work out. I might as well start with the story. A couple months back maybe March/April I contacted her asking if she would do time payments on a Glossy Esprit after Breyerfest. I sent a down payment of $100. Then the week after Breyerfest I asked her if she remembered selling the Esprit to me, she did. Then after emailing her a couple of times and asking her when I could send the next payment, she emails me tellimg me that the Glossy Esprit was broken. I asked her for pictures of him and said I would be still interested in him, since I don't show. She never sent me pictures and said she would refund me or send me another Esprit. I wasn't interested in another Esprit, but thought I could still purchase the Glossy. Even told her I would pay her the asking price. She told me that he was worthless broken and still wouldn't sell. I told her I wanted my money back. I was worried that I wouldn't get anything. The emails were very spread out, she wouldn't respond for a while, maybe my emails weren't going through? Some of it is my fault as I was very disapointed in not getting pictures of the Glossy and that she wanted to send me another horse? I was pushing her for pictures and selling...




Here are some of her responses to my emails. I am giving her a yellow/orange light because she did give me a refund but wouldn't send me pictures of the "broken" model and was very rude on her last email. As all I said was that I was worried I wouldn't get anything. It sounds like she was going through a lot, so maybe I shouldn't have pushed her about selling the Glossy. Thanks - Elizabeth Stayner

08-03-2015, 09:51 PM
Maybe I'm missing it ... but I don't see the problem? She offered you other options you didn't want to pursue, then refunded you ... so you are out nothing? Is that correct?

She said "no" and you would not accept that answer. But it is her right to make that decision, and even if you disagree it's your role to accept it gracefully. She has no obligation to send you photos. And I don't think she was rude, either, not in the posted communications, when she was responding to some things you obviously communicated to her that seem to me to be uncalled for. I can't imagine why you would use the word "stealing" to her. I thought she was fairly reasonable given your communications.

Unless I am missing a big part of the situation I don't see any reason for the negative lights. She may have been slow, but she was honest and did come through with your refund. Sometimes it just doesn't work out that we get what we want.

If I am misunderstanding the situation, do feel free to explain what I have wrong. I mean that sincerely, I may be missing something. :yes :)

08-04-2015, 06:08 AM
I've done business with Desta before, and she was always wonderful to deal with. I don't believe that not sending pictures of a broken model warrants a light. I'm sorry you didn't get the model you wanted, but you did get the refund.

Margaret Loesch

08-04-2015, 07:39 AM
You left out the many many emails in which I asked which you would prefer, a refund or the other model you wanted. I asked you over and over and over which you wanted. My "slowness" had not much to do with how long it took for your refund...but the fact that you wouldn't answer my question as to what to do (refund or different model) Yes, there were a few emails in which it took me a few days to respond, but as is true with most adults, we have a life to live, and I don't live by my computer and phone waiting for people to email me. It was also frustrating that I couldn't get a response about what to do (refund or different horse). I kept trying to find out which one she wanted, but couldn't get an answer. If I had had an address/paypal email handy, I would have sent either the other model or your money back immediately if you would have just chosen which one (or if I would have had a paypal email, I probably would have just sent you a refund after about the 10th time I asked which you preferred).
You can check my feedback with multiple people in the breyer world, I have sold and bought many horses for years and have always followed through!
Anyone that has any questions please feel free to ask me directly. I have saved all the emails, and will gladly share them with any that have questions.
Desta Hall