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08-21-2015, 09:23 PM
I've been waiting on 4 x resins from an artist (I won't name names just yet, as I have sent another message to them privately to try & get this sorted finally), but I want some advice from everyone if I could.

I paid for these models over 2010/2011 while they were being released/cast/etc. And from the 15th March 2011 I've started to chase a little bit - not too much, I know they are busy with commissions/sculpting/painting, and I wasn't in a super rush for the models to paint them to sell or show or anything.



(Name) emailed to say she had received my payment for the (resins) and shipping for them and would be sending me the customs number when they go out.

Never got an email with customs numbers.


(Name) emailed me to say that she has a (resin) ready to ship and was asking for my address.

Replied the same day with my shipping address.


Emailed (Name) to ask if the resin had been shipped yet.

No response.


Emailed (Name) again to ask about the resin and if it had been shipped, and to send me any tracking/insurance info so I could chase up where this resin was, and/or put in a claim if need be.

(Name) replied the same day to say: "I thought for sure the whole box was, but when I checked your file I never saw a tracking! To me that says they got overlooked. I will be sure to put in the (resin), 2x (resin), and (resin) out to you this week!!!!"


Emailed (Name) to say that nothing had arrived and it had been months, asking for an update.

No response.


Emailed (Name) again to say that nothing had arrived, and I was still waiting for an update.

No response.


Emailed (Name) again asking for another update.

Responded a few days later (14/01/2013):

"These horses were shipped out a *long* time ago! :( So long I think I threw out the copy of the international shipping form because I figured you'd received them. 90% of the people I ship to never give me a word if the horses are there, only if they're not there. It was a big box and had them all in one shipment too. Well, now I'm distraught, as I'm sure you are.

I know it's not my fault that the USPS lost these horses, but you were such a great customer I'd hate to lose you over their package loss. I'm willing to try shipping these guys out again, with an e-mail out to you beforehand so you know they're shipping and can tell me if they arrived or not right away. I have one (resin) left in stock that I can send now. I do have one (resin) that I can clean up and send with her. I think I'm better off trying to refund you for (resin) as his mold is very worn. I'll have to cast a second (resin), but I'll send her after these two gals get out.

By the way, I've marked this e-mail as urgent as I've had a lot of trouble getting international e-mails to talk to each other and that seems to be the trick to get them through. Still, would you confirm you got this, even if you need a day or two to fully reply, a confirmation beforehand would be great"

My response the same day:


That just made me feel absolutely sick to my stomach... I can't believe a huge box went MIA in the mail... I don't remember seeing an email from you saying that had being shipped out, just that last email below asking to confirm my shipping address and then I had to head back into the hospital for a while so I figured they must not of being shipped. I always send an email off when I have a package arrive... I'm sorry I didn't chase this up a lot sooner.

(resin) can't be cast at all? He was one I was really hoping to get as I love my ******* horses, being a ******** myself - is it worth a shot at all or not really?

I don't mind waiting until everything is ready is that is easier for you (Name), and thank you, thank you for shipping these guys out again - I know you certainly do not have too, and I can't thank you enough for even just considering to do that for me.

I'm still utterly heart broken that they never turned up.... I can't get over that. My Post Office is amazing too, they know me very well and if there is a box that sits there longer than a few days they always give me a call (which is awesome!).

Thanks again (Name).


(And yes, my PO know me very well and DO call me if a package has been sitting there longer than 5 days).

Response from (Name) on the same day:

"Trust me, you aren't the only one. :( I haven't had it happen in years, but I know it's not beyond our postal service here. It's why I avoid them like the plaque and use FedEx. Of course for international shipping it's hundreds of dollars, so I have to use USPS. I will see if I can do a few tricks with the mold to get another one out for you. I just can't guaranty it'll be as pretty as the one that originally went out.

I think just to ease my mind I'd like to still ship in a couple different shipments. The (resins) and (resin) now and the (resin) later. You'll understand I'm sure when I say I'm nervous about sending them all at once now lol. I honestly can't see it happening twice, but I just don't want to chance it. Once bitten, twice shy. :)"

My response:

"Hi (Name),

I agree with the shipping them at different times, thank you :) And let me know about the (resin) mold, I don't mind if he is a little rough, when I get back into painting one day I'll have the time to clean him up anyway, he's just for my personal collection so no rush on him in that regard. I'd be sad not to have a copy of him as I remember watching him closely on the thread about you sculpting him, and I think I remember being one of the people suggesting a ****************** (hence why I really wanted him more lol).

I'll wait to hear back from you about when they all ship out and will let you know the moment they hit Australian shores this time around.

Thank you so much again... I really appreciate it!



Emailed (Name) for an update, and to let her know that I was flying international (to the US from Aus) for 2 weeks and if I could have an update, so I could let the Post Office know to hold packages for me (they do anyway) until I get back.

No response.


Emailed (Name) for another update, even including my shipping address for her again just in case.

No response.


Emailed (Name) for another update.

Response a few days later (08/11/2013:)

"Sure enough, found this in junk mail! I managed to get a decent cast out of the (resin) mold for you. It needs a lot of clean-up work and he's pretty heavy (lots of resin) but the fact that I managed to pull another out makes me happy! I kept hoping to have the other (resin) and the (resin) ready to go sooner so I kept putting off shipping trying to get them into one box again. I think I will finally come to terms with the fact that I just need to get the cleaned (resin) out and the (resin) out now. Probably Monday. I will be sure there is tracking and we both have it this time when these guys ship!"

My response:

"Hi (Name),

Yeah I figured it had hit the dreaded SPAM folder, thank you so much for digging through and finding it and getting back to me!

YAY!!! I'm STOKED you got another cast for me, thank you SO much for trying!! Happy to pay the extra for the heavier shipping to get him home :)

Just in case you need it again, my address:


Again - if you want to split them over boxes, happy to throw you some extra money for the extra shipping on them, just let me know.

Thank you (Name)! I appreciate it a lot!



Emailed (Name) again for another update, and again offered more money to help with the shipping costs of putting them into separate boxes.

No response.



To her personal account:

Me (28/10/2014): "Hi (Name), can you please email me or message me about the four resins i'm still waiting from you for? (email) or can you message me here"

Her (28/10/2014): "Let's stick with here since I didn't get any recent e-mails from you. If you want to message the studio page, I look at those messages more as they're business related. This is my personal account and I try to keep it separate. I also tend to forget the messages left to this one though I will be keeping an eye out for them from you.

I am *almost* finished cleaning the whole replacement package for you. I learned my lesson with the first group and will most definitely be sending you an e-mail message to confirm the current address and pass tracking information to you so we can keep our eyes on the box the whole way! We will *not* have a repeat lost package!"

Me (25/03/2015): "(Name), did you get my message to your studio account? Just wanting to find out what is happening with these resins"

And to her Studio account:

Me (22/01/2015): "Hey (Name),

I hope things are well over your side of the world! Thought I'd send a message to your studio like you suggested to see how the resins were going. I know you were cleaning them up for me last we spoke, and I know you've been super busy, but thought I'd check in :)

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.


Me (25/02/2015): "Hi (Name),

Did you get my last message?


Her (31/03/2015): "I haven't gotten any e-mails from you. I haven't reported in because I kept hoping to give good news and just haven't been able to yet. I could probably have sculpted another horse (or two) in the tim eit's takign me to clean up the last (resin). I managed to squeeze out of the mold as a replacement for the one the postal service lost. When I actually have that good news to report, I'll send you a note."

Me (31/03/2015): "Hi (name), thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate the effort - I just wanted an update, good or bad :) I'm happy to continue the clean up on the (resin), as I certainly don't want to waste any more of yoru tim eon him when you could be in your studio creating more works of art! It will give me something to do anywya :) I'll wait to hear form you otherwise, but please keep me in mind that I am more than happy to finish cleaning him up.

And thank you again for touching base"

Today, I tried to message her on her Studio Facebook account and got this message when I tried to send a message:

"This person isn't receiving messages from you right now" - I googled this, and while she hasn't blocked me from her page, she has restricted receiving messages from me.

I have been NOTHING but patient and kind in waiting for these resins, and then I get that massive slap in the face... So I try to contact her through her personal page:

Hi (Name),

I just got this message trying to catch up with you about my resins and to see how they are going: "This person isn't receiving messages from you right now" - so I'm guessing you have blocked messages from me now?

I haven't even got annoyed at you or anything about these resins not being delivered, or waiting for the "replacements" at all, so that was quite a slap in the face to say the least.

Can I please have an update on them? I am dying to get my hands on (resin) and my other resins from you that were all paid for quite some time ago. Can you please send me an update? I really don't want to go hunting for you on social media and throw your name out there to reach you about this in public :/



What do I do? Am I asking too much to have these replacements sent out? I never got any confirmation from this person to say they had been SENT in the first place, and no tracking information - I haven't purchased other resins from them before, and I ALWAYS got the tracking information emailed to me direct from USPS (USPS_Shipping_Services@usps.com) to say that I had a parcel being sent to me. I got nothing for any of these resins... so I am left wondering if they were sent at all, but am giving the benefit of the doubt here.

Am I being too pushy? Too nice? I've never once pushed her, never once gotten mad or shitty at her, nothing - patient all the way, understanding all the way, and yet still nothing gets sent out to me, and now I get blocked from messaging them.


08-21-2015, 09:52 PM
(Update) - they did get back to me today, phew! Confirmed the block wasn't a personal thing but in general, which was a relief to say the least. Made my heart stop for sure. They are going to send out all the resins next week, so fingers crossed this was just me jumping the gun and getting super paranoid

08-21-2015, 09:54 PM
You've been waiting 4 years for these resins and think you're being too pushy!? Holy crap, I can hardly stand to wait a couple of weeks if I've picked up an international piece.

I wish there were a way to know what's going on behind the scenes though. It is possible that she sent them all along and that they did get lost but, meh? It's a shame that she never forwarded you their tracking number though if they were indeed sent, it would be a major help. I always send them to people I ship to if there was a transaction involved and I almost always get some form of notification of shipping for purchases. I can't recall any instances of not getting my notification, actually. Having my tracking info has actually saved a little bit of heartache too because I have had a few instances where things kind of hit a snag and someone somewhere needed a gentle prod to find out what went wrong.

08-22-2015, 07:51 PM
How many times does she say they were lost in shipping? If she says she actually shipped only one time, in 2011, then for years she has been telling you she was shipping and then NOT shipping. On your part, you have NOT been notifying her that you haven't rec'd anything in a timely fashion - probably because she hasn't been confirming she shipped, just saying she would do so.

And it appears that she never one time initiated contact with you, only you with her. To let you know about shipping, delayed shipping, ask about receipt, etc.

IMO, it should have been resolved in 2011 when you notified her then that you hadn't rec'd a package, about 10-12 weeks after you assumed she would have shipped. But you have let her off the hook year after year while apparently she is admitting she never shipped after the first time (is that correct?).

For this reason I always recommend including firm future dates in correspondence ... "I am looking to have the models in hand by X date, after which I will need to go to next steps [maybe specify what you will do]." That way, regardless of her communications that she is "looking for" a resin or intending to ship or what have you, you aren't waiting forever.

What both of you are dancing around and not saying is that it is the seller's obligation to make sure the product is delivered, and it didn't happen. Under the customs of the hobby she owes you resins or a refund by a date certain. However, she could claim she has no way of knowing if you did or didn't receive the models without the tracking info, if the cordiality to date is broken. Since you did not press her earlier, you are now years down the road, which doesn't necessarily put the whole burden on you (imo), but does make everything more difficult. I know it is difficult to go to the next step when both have been cordial until now, but look at the number of times she said she was shipping and then later admitted she did not. Is that ok with you?

Personally I find it very, very hard to continually dog someone to do something, so I am in sympathy with the months that go by between your making contact with her. But between the two of you it would seem this tennis match of emails/FB contact could go on into infinity. :)

In your shoes, regardless of how she answers in this round, I would now send a message that I want to conclude this matter, so I want the models or a refund by Sept. 30, 2015. If she doesn't have the models originally ordered, I'd take either [2 or 3 options of current available resins she has on offer]. Adding a cordial Thank you and I look forward to your reply. Then I would email her this information every Monday until Sept. 30. If no response, refund or models by then ... I dunno, maybe someone will suggest something. :)