View Full Version : Yellow going Orange Light for Kennedy Gelinas

11-29-2015, 04:07 PM
Kennedy Gelinas in Canada traded me a matte Spring Othello and a Classic Dartmoor Mare/foal for my Belvedere SM (from the SHC event). This was back in September. While we were able to coordinate shipping just fine, the horses she sent to me were packed with very thin, loose amounts of padding and all three horses suffered damage in shipping (all horses were advertised as undamaged at the time of shipping, aside from Spring having some shiny marks) and the worst of the three was Spring, with his ears clearly having stretched and torn through the single layer of bubble wrap he was in.

The reason I am on the fence about whether this is a yellow or more is that while technically I received the horses, I was getting same-day or next-day email responses up until I sent a message about being upset that the horses had gotten damaged in shipping. After that I heard nothing from her at all. I sent a followup email and still heard no response (the last time I received a message from her was September 20 when she asked if I could send a tracking number, I wrote to her on September 26 about having received damaged horses with no response, and the last time I wrote to her was October 1 to warn her that I would have to post about the transaction if I didn't hear back).

At this point I don't expect any sort of resolution so I'm putting the information out there to warn others to be cautious in transactions with this person, particularly in trading as there's no Paypal/CC protection available. Very disappointing as these were horses I was very much looking forward to show. :sigh