View Full Version : Two new horses from Studio "DELIR"

01-21-2016, 02:45 PM
Hi!We are glad to inform that we are starting pre-orders for castings of the first two models from the collection "Sport". Recall that our Studio is working on several sculptures dedicated to various disciplines of equestrian sport. How many models will be in itogda, is still a mystery even for us:) the Size of the sculpture the paddock, is comparable to the size of the horses of company "Collect" made from high-quality two-component plastic. The entire collection is implied on the supports will be fixed on a transparent acrylic pins.
So, meet! Dual Mare (17 to 14.5 cm.) and gelding jumping Statham (18 in 7 cm.). The horse left a detailed and vivid, and me, and Margarte pleased with the final outcome. The cost of one casting, machined, covered with soil, with stand and pin 70 $. The planned print run of 30-40 pieces. Will ship anywhere in the world:) we have the ability to send the party in the state of new Jersey, then the delivery will be done by America. But in this case we will need to wait until you get about 20 buyers from the USA. Can send each customer personally, from Russia. Parcels will travel courier service EMS Russian Post - 22 $. Average delivery time from Russia to the United States 2-3 weeks. To purchase please write to me (Margarita): argolana567@bk.ru
or facebook in private messages. Address our studio:https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoldHoeseStudio
Also available are several horses tradishinal size: Heavy lies Mishka and his friend, pony Gosha. The Akhal-Teke - Amelit stallion running and trotting mare-foal Magnolia, Arabian filly Diana and mare Diana size classic Diva.