View Full Version : Attn Hobby Artisans of All Types -> the 2017 Hobby Directory April deadline is near!

03-24-2016, 04:57 PM
I'm fighting being buried on social media (which is partly why this is so badly needed for those who sell hobby related things - especially when news is going to be more and more non-hobby this year!)... please feel free to share the site and tell a friend! It's easier than ever now with amazing, do it yourself technology.. right down to paying automatically too!


Easier Site Now & Reminding that 2016's Submission & Payment Deadline is April 20th! The Hobby Directory has been automated so that you can sign up and edit your own listings.. and pay when you are happy with the listing(s). Then just email me your display ad.. Steps below;

Signing up online is easy & payment is automatic (or you can wait until April 20th to pay!) :)

1) Go to http://modelhorsedirectory.com

2) Click the big red button "Start Here to Submit Ads"

3) Register as new customer (2nd button there)

4) Enter "New Text Listing" (remember it's a directory so everyone has a listing)

5) Edit your listing as much as you wish (until April 20th) - how it appears in the box is how it will appear in print!

6) Want a display ad as well? Select the button "New Print Ready Ad" (pricing and file sizes are listed above; http://modelhorsedirectory.com/pricing.php all ads are CYMK)

7) Happy with your selections & your text listing? Pay your invoice and mail your ad as instructed to editor@modelhorsedirectory.com I'm happy to use last year's ads as well!

Missed grabbing your copy last year or at NAN or at the AUS Nationals? Don't fear - you can still order there on the front page directly from Amazon! :D (price apparently varies and I have nothing to do with that... lol!)