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Corina Roberts
05-17-2016, 02:05 PM

Models in the Mountains 2016June 17-19, 2016 Chilao School, Angeles National ForestMIM IS A NAN QUALIFIER SHOW
Information and Registration
Our Schedule as of APRIL 27 2016:

Susan Carlton Sifton Equine Sculpture Workshop
Friday June 17 2016 beginning at 10 AM $20.00 Suggested Donation

Bring anything from bare armatures to works in progress, or create an armature at the workshop
All levels of experience welcome. Lunch/refreshments included. Potluck contributions to lunch menu welcome. Susan has been commissioned to sculpt many famous horses including American Pharoah, and is known throughout the world for her work with Breyer.

Live Halter Show - Tiburcio Vasquez Challenge Chilao
Saturday June 18 2016 beginning at 10 AM with Jennifer Bray Buxton, Judge

Original Finish Plastic and all Custom Equines. Space is limited. We can accommodate roughly 20 showers on a first come, first served basis. Fee scale - 1-10 horses $15.00, 11-39 horses $20.00, 40 or more horses $25.00. Ribbons, rosettes, prizes. OF and CM will be judged separately with classes running concurrently, using the following class list for both divisions:


Light Foals
Stock Foals
Draft Foals
Pony, Sport, Longear, Other Part/Pure Foals

Champion Foal

Light Breeds

Arabian Mare
Arabian Stallion & Gelding
Andalusian, Lusitano
NSH, Part Arab, Other Part/Pure Light

Champion Light Breed

Sport Breeds

Thoroughbred, Standardbred
European & American Warmbloods
Carriage Breeds
Other Part/Pure Sport

Champion Sport Breed

Gaited Breeds

Am. Saddlebred, TWH, MFT
Spanish Gaited
Other Part/Pure Gaited

Champion Gaited

Draft Breeds

Clydesdale, Shire
Belgian, Percheron
American, Other Part/Pure Draft

Champion Draft

Stock Breeds

Quarter Horse
Other Part/Pure Stock

Champion Stock


Light, Sport, Stock, Draft Ponies
Miniature Horses, Other Part/Pure Ponies

Champion Pony/Longears

General Information

Models in the Mountains 2016 is a model horse enthusiast’s gathering in the Angeles National Forest at Chilao School, a 2,000 square foot vintage 1963 school house owned by the non profit association Redbird.

We are located in Chilao Campground off of Highway 2, 26 miles back in the Angeles National Forest from the intersection of the 210 Freeway and Angeles Crest Highway (2) in La Canada Flintridge. We are located in the heart of the Angeles National Forest, and two miles from the famous Newcomb’s Ranch Bar and Restaurant.

To reach Chilao School, DO NOT USE GOOGLE or GPS. Follow written directions, and look for signs on the road. From the Antelope Valley/14 freeway, exit Angeles Forest Highway. Proceed over the top of the mountain and down into a valley past Mill Creek campground. Turn left onto Upper Big Tujunga Canyon (look for either a Redbird or Models in the Mountains sign). Take Upper Big Tujunga Canyon for 9 miles to Angeles Crest Highway. Turn left. Proceed 6 more miles to Chilao Road/Chilao Campground. Follow signs through campground to Chilao School. From the Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley area, take the 210 freeway to Angeles Crest Highway/Highway 2 exit. Turn north, up hill, away from the city, toward the mountains. If you immediately come to Foothill Boulevard you turned the wrong way. Go up the highway 26 miles to Chilao Road. Turn left into Chilao Campground. Follow signs to Chilao School.

Camping - tent, RV, motorhome and sleepover style in the school available. List of area motels below.

If you would like to host a performance show, workshop or other hobby related event on Sunday, please let us know.

Questions, ideas, etc. - email Corina Roberts at redbirds_vision@hotmail.com or connect via Facebook - Corina Roberts (Redbird)

Models in the Mountains 2016

A High Desert Bandits Production hosted by Chilao School,
owned and operated by Redbird - www.RedbirdsVision.org (http://www.RedbirdsVision.org)

Motels and Hotels in La Crescenta, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena

La Crescenta Motel (http://www.bing.com/local?lid=YN86x1073224&id=YN86x1073224&q=La+Crescenta+Motel+La+Crescenta+CA&name=La+Crescenta+Motel&cp=34.21973~-118.2312&qpvt=La+Crescenta+Motel+La+Crescenta)
Bing Local
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Lincoln Motel (http://www.lincolnmotelpasadena.com/)
1559 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103 (http://www.bing.com/local?lid=YN85x1048057&id=YN85x1048057&q=Lincoln+Motel&name=Lincoln+Motel&cp=34.1732444763184%7e-118.160018920898&ppois=34.1732444763184_-118.160018920898_Lincoln+Motel)
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Motel Sakura (http://www.motelsakura.com/)
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Chilao - Location Details

Chilao is located in the heart of the Angeles National Forest at an elevation of 5,200 feet. It is in a transition zone of hardwood and conifer forest, and high desert chaparral.
In October 2014 President Obama created the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument within the forest. Chilao sits roughly in the center of the new National Monument designation.

The weather, once upon a time and not so long ago, could be more or less predicted. That is no longer the case. Generally speaking, June is temperate and lovely, with lows above 40 and highs below 80.

There is no cell phone reception in Chilao. We do have internet (note the words “high speed” were not included) at the caretaker residence, and guests will be given the access code. We would encourage you to make sure your loved ones know that you can be reached via email or social media so they don’t panic if they cannot reach you by phone. At this time there is no land line telephone at the school, although that may change in the coming months.

You are welcome to camp free of charge on the property. There are several areas suitable for setting up tents, numerous places to park, and if you have a very large motorhome, there are several locations within a few hundred yards of school where you can park. We have a magnetic roller (it picks up nails and other metal objects that could injure tires) and we recommend using it to make sure these off-site spots are free of metal debris before you park. There is one electrical outlet behind the school; it will not be able to provide enough juice for a whole herd of recreational vehicles, but it can be used for light-draw appliances such as lighting.

Chilao is home to a number of campgrounds and day use areas, the USFS Chilao Visitors Center, the famous Newcomb’s Ranch Bar and Restaurant, the fire station where the very first Hotshot Crew evolved, and Chilao School.

Corina Roberts
06-03-2016, 09:37 AM
Eight Spots Left for Showers, Twelve Spots left for Sculptors as of Friday, June 3. If you are planning on coming please email redbirds_vision@hotmail.com to make sure there is still room