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07-19-2005, 07:26 PM
Thanks for your past support. I'm not sure what I'm giving away at this show, either a PS ISH, or WPH Heza Night Train. I'm looking forward to your entries. E-mail me with any questions at hi_d_hi@yahoo.com.


Zodiac Farms Late Summer Halter Photo Show :cheer

Sept 1st-8th, 2005

Fees: 1-10=$2





E-mail me with any questions at hi_d_hi@yahoo.com Judging takes place over 8 days if needed. This gives me enough time to be fair, and have fun too. As well as typing up results which needs a 1/2 day for the most part


25 cents for a 1/4 page ad

50 cents for a 12 page ad

$1.00 for a full page ad

Send entries to:

Heidi Reaves

17064 E. Duffers

Spring Valley, AZ 86333

Rules: Only one photo per horse. I do accept digital photos unaltered and printed out on photo paper. I do not accept online photos, this is a snail mail show only. Halters not required. Photos must have horse's name, sex, breed, age, your name, address & e-mail(if you have it) on back of all photos. Judge reserves the right to combine classes if not enough enteries. Please mark photos CM or OF, as I may split classes if enough entries. All entries due by mail time date of show, No exceptions! Late entries, depending on when I get them, will either be sent back unjudged or I'll add them to show(if I've barely begun), but I will not start over for those LATE entries. You, must, must, must have a large enough SASE for photo returns, doorprizes and results, I hate stuffing results and door prizes into a 8 X 10 manila envelopes. Check your return postage, send extra if you have to. I'll send back what is not used. If sending lots of photos it might be advantageous to send a large Priority envelope with stamp to send back attached. Thank you for understanding.

1st-HM Placed

Class Champs in Gender, Breed & Color

Show Reserve will receive ? Depends on entries(may change with more or less entrants)

Show Champion will receive TBA(may change with more or less entrants)

*If you'd like email results and no hardcopy please let me know.

**NOTE**(Will only give out these prizes with enough entries, or prizes will change, by going down in size, Classic, LB and SM respectively)

**NOTE** Shipping on any prizes won must be paid by the winner.

Doorprizes may be given out also. So remember your envelope sizes must be big enough to fit something.


1. Stallion

2. Mare

3. Gelding

4. Weanling/Yearling

5. Foal

Gender Champion


6. Arabian

7. Morgan

8. Gaited

9. Spanish

10. TB/STB

11. WB/SpH/Carriage

12. QH

13. Paints

14. Appaloosa

15. Mustangs/Other Stock

16. Clydesdale/Shires

17. Other Drafts

18. Shetlands/Welsh

19. Other Ponies

20. Long Ears/Exotic

21. Other Pure/Fantasy

22. Half Arabs

23. Other Mixed/Grade

Breed Champion


24. Wh/All lt Greys

25. All dk Greys/Dapples

26. Roan

27. Black

28. Bay/Brown

29. Chest/Sorrel

30. Dun/Grulla/Champagne

31. Cream/Palo/Buck

32. Pinto(incudes Tovero & Sabino)(may be split by pattern if enough entries)

33. All Appaloosa Patterns(may be split by pattern if enough entries)

34. Other Color, Decorator & Fantasy Color

Color Champion


35. Standing

36. Walking

37. Trotting

38. Cantering

39. Galloping/Running

40. All other poses
Pose Champion


41. Breyer

42. Stone

43. H-R

44. Resin(NL, Stone Critters, etc.)

45. Other Plastic/China

46. CM Breyer

47. CM Stone

48. CM Other

49. CM Resin

50. Resin finished by Artist
Make Champion

Please enter and make this show a success! :cheer

07-20-2005, 07:00 AM
If i can find all my pictures, count me in on entering :D