View Full Version : New draft and pony resins by Soltice studio! Fall Sale!

09-23-2016, 02:36 PM
I don't remember if I posted about these 2 new resins i came out with this summer but I'm having a fall sale on them.
"Arkhaim" is a curio sized- 5 inches tall- draft resin chick full of fine details and wrinkles and flowing hair. He is normally 130.00 but I have 4 in hand I'm putting up for sale at $110.00 each plus 7.80 priority shipping in the US. ( international shipping is more)
And my new shetland pony resin "Fiddler" after a childhood neibours snotty pony.. I have 4 in hand and he is normally $95.00 but on sale for 80.00 plus 7.80 Priority shipping. Once they are sold the sales over! I had 5 of the draft but one of them sold so get the at this lower price now. If you live in another country and want a shipping quote you can email me at: solticestudio@gmail.com this is also my paypal address.. oh and paypal only! Oh if oyu go to my facebook page theres a photo of Arkhaim painted in a bay roan by Lauren Morris just scroll down the page a little if you want to see one painted.
Photo credit to Christina Riley.

09-24-2016, 01:02 PM
Love the chunky drafter!!! :adore