View Full Version : Bright Overdue Greens

10-25-2016, 05:34 PM
Super bright greens to Landipan/Landin Cook for selling me a nice Diesel. The model was way better than described and arrived super fast!

Bright Greens to Sue Kern. Great to work with. Wonderful communication and super fast turn around on he rain I had painted

Bright Greens for Sherri Sandstone. She bought my Stone Columbiano and was great to work with. She was also very paitent with me when I had to hold him for shipping until after the hurricane. (We thought we had to evacuate).

Bright greens to MHSP seller Sarah Whelehan. I bought a stablemate and she was great to work with.

I've probably forgotten several as I am behind on my greens. If I forgot you, I didn't mean to! I'm just old and forgetful. :hugg