View Full Version : Custom Breyer Swaps by Melanie Miller Ending Sunday

Aidan's Toy Trove
10-29-2016, 11:46 AM
I have a lovely Breyer Custom Swaps by Melanie Miller of Chinook Studios listed to eBay (http://stores.ebay.com/aidanstoytrove). The auction ends Sunday.

He has a bid and will sell.


Aidan's Toy Trove
10-30-2016, 11:22 AM
Just a quick reminder that this lovely custom ends tonight on eBay. I encourage you to take a look even if you aren't interested in bidding. Mel's work is outstanding :)

10-30-2016, 06:15 PM
He is beautiful. Melanie Miller is probably my favorite customizer. I very much admire her work.

Aidan's Toy Trove
11-01-2016, 03:06 PM
This auction has a happy ending :) He ended up selling back to the original gal that I purchased him from. She is happy to have him back and I am happy that he is going 'home'!