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12-14-2016, 11:38 AM
***Big Contest from KatieQ Customs!!***
***Attention owners of models painted by KatieQ Customs ***
I'm going to try something new this time - which will offer 4 chances to win.
We are going to have a mini-photo show.
If you have a horse that I (Jami Worms) have painted, you can enter with a pic of that horse in any type of pic - performance with props, in front of a nice background, outside..etc
Entries will be accepted until January 15th 2017 and they will be posted on my Facebook page to be voted on. Voting will start on Jan 16th and be open until the 20th. The winners will be announce Jan 20th.
Anybody will be able to vote and pick their 2 favourite pics in order. 1st and 2nd will each receive a prize as well as two voters will be drawn at random to win a prize.
1st prize - 1 traditional scale solid color custom by KatieQ Customs ($110 value) body can be sent or chosen from a select group of mine
2nd prize - 1 stablemate scale solid color custom by KatieQ Customs ($55 value)

Voter prize 1 - 1 classic solid color custom by KatieQ Customs ($80 value)
Voter prize 2 - 25% off any custom work including painting and resculpting (between a $15 and $70 value)

An extras (dapples, paint/appy patterns, sculptwork etc) may be added to the prize for the usual cost and buyer will be required to pay shipping - price of shipping will not exceed $20 USD
To enter just PM me the pics you are entering - only one pic per horse, but you can enter as many of my customs as you own. You must own the custom yourself or have permission from the owner.
I am holding this contest as I am still so overwhelmed by all the interest I have received in my work and would like to give back both to my previous clients and to those who follow my page and are always so kind with their comments.
The "show" officially opens today and will close in one month - remember the two winning photos will be chosen by the public for their photo quality and creativity - people love cute, unique, beautiful etc so let's see some creative photos!

This ad was posted on Facebook, but if I can get enough interest here on Blab, I could also post all the entries here to be voted on as well, for those that don't have Facebook. Would appreciate everyone spreading the word and sharing with friends, as my Facebook page had been having issues and I don't think many people are able to see this post. I would like to have everyone who is interested be able to participate. Thanks!