View Full Version : Info: Reds to Scarlette wilde/ Sharon Sargent--yea shes back..again

12-29-2016, 09:57 AM
So I met up with her on Facebook. We were to trade my custom hand made halters for models. I was to receive the models on the photo
(minus the MLPS with the Kiwi and 2 of the B/W SHS etched and the rest of. I doubt now I will see any. She got mad I listed another horse I got from her for sale and stated she was reluctant to etch any more horses for me as I might sell them too. The one I got from her was not a custom done for me, but one she had on hand and traded to me for some bodies. Since then she has gotten an estimated 3-400.00 worth of halters along with a MIB Templado.

Anyway After seeing all thats posted on here of her I don't figure Ill be getting anything back from her. Shes had some one on facebook spying on me as well and I dont know who it is either. She and I had been friends since may but recently there was an event where I mistook Anna Bentlys horses for Scarlets and in the chat. Anna asked me if Scarlette said anything bad about her models and being that I am not one to lie when asked a direct question, I told her yes, Scarlette had said Annas etchies needed more detail. It got back to scarlette I said that and she blew up at me and things have been going sideways since.

Seeing now scarlette isn't even her name well, that just deepens the hurt about this whole mess and makes me wonder if i was just being used all along. I didnt intend to trade my halters in the 1st place, they were to help raise funds in dealing with being diagnosed with cancer but She offered to help me fulfill my wish of completing the attainable stock horse stallions for my conga

Anyway so here are my reds. I know Im not on here much, but will be more often. My facebook name is Christy Lightfoot Smith, I have Stockstill Stables tack. I have printed out the entire 327pgs of chat we have had since may and am going through to see the exact number and value of the halters she received from me.