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01-05-2017, 09:20 PM
I recently purchased some Collectas from an eBay seller and both arrived decently packaged but one came with a pretty bad paint job. I have ordered many Collecta models from both toy stores & collectors and have never seen such flaws. I had messaged the seller with pictures and mentioned that I have never received a NIP one with that many flaws. (Looks more like the ones my 4 yr old niece has.) Their response was one sentence about checking the description in the auction and where to find it. Auction stated items were new in package & what excellent quality Collectas are. It also came wrapped just like all the other Deluxe (1:12) models I've gotten.

They don't seem to be willing to offer a small refund (and I didn't ask...) and they don't have anymore in stock so a replacement is out. I am interested in finding out if Collectas usually have so many flaws (and that I have just be rather lucky on the ones I've gotten before.) or if this damage may have been caused a bad paint job at the factory or was roughed up on a store shelf.

Right now, I leaning towards leaving neutral (or none ) feedback for this one & positive for the other model. Any tips, opinions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you. ~ Amber Meier

Here are the pictures I sent. They were taken right after I unwrapped.

Full body shot.

Closer up.

Worst of the legs.

01-06-2017, 12:43 AM
I would not argue over the term "NIP". That isn't really the issue. The issue is if it was either (a) damaged during shipping (that can happen while it is still in the package, unopened, so technically "NIP") or (b) misrepresented in the ad - perhaps the model in the photos was not this model. Hopefully you have the ad screenshots, that's the only way to know. Did the ad photos show a model in good condition? That's important, because what you rec'd is not in the same condition as the photos, to the seller's own point.

Some people think "NIP" or "NIB" means "mint". It does not. All it means is that the item is still in the package, as originally purchased ... so you might say that it is suitable for a gift as a "new" item. But plenty of models are NIP/NIB but damaged. That can happen at the factory before packaging, and it can happen while still in the package/box. (That is why I don't buy NIP/NIB, I'd rather have one that has been inspected after the original sale.)

If you have screenshots of the photos from the original ad you can share ... when I buy, I so often don't think to grab those, but they can be invaluable in cases like this. That would show the thread readers that the ebay presentation of the model did or did not show the condition as it is in your photos.

I wonder if the answer you got from the seller is kind of a stock answer that the routinely send, not necessarily as a result of a good look at your situation. Especially if it is a high-volume seller. It is very frustrating to get those kinds of responses. If you could get through to them ... perhaps send a link to this thread ... would they realize the situation and respond differently?

Curious if the CollectA 'package' was just the one sheet of plastic baggie that they sometimes come in. Because those dings look as if they could have happened from the edges of other items in the box, if the model did not have more covering added. But your photo does show slightly more substantial wrapping ... slightly.

I think the hobby consensus is that it is on the seller to provide sufficient packing to make sure the the ordinary tumbles in shipping don't cause damage. It doesn't look as if this was done ... or else it looked that way before it was packed.

If I were the seller, I would not want to lose a customer when the model is one that could be as easily replaced as a CollectA.

Misty Star Studios
01-06-2017, 08:09 AM
I would open an item not as described case and request a refund. I would definitely not consider that new, that's a body to me. Use that refund to buy one from another seller :)

01-06-2017, 10:37 AM
Subbing to see how this turns out...
Keep us updated on what you choose to do! So sorry you received a pretty banged up model ):

01-06-2017, 06:59 PM
Addtional information. :)

Horse was purchased from an eBay high volume seller know to many in the hobby. (When I purchased they had about 6 available.) Only photo was one stock photo.

It was wrapped a few times in polyethylene foam before being placed in the bag. (Same foam is used for wrapping electronics.) Most of my other 1:12 CollectAs have arrived in similar packing. I did receive one recently that did come in a display box. (Much like Breyer's.)

It was shipped in a USPS Flat Rate Priority box with a CollectA Shetland Pony. The Mustang took up a good chunk of space in box, so I don't think the pony could have squeaked past & damaged him without damaging himself. (Only issue I have with the pony is that it looks like they forgot to dapple one side! :D )

Rereading the auction page, it sounds like it should have arrived in display box. Returns are allowed for 14 days, but it sounds like I would have to pay to have him shipped back & an restocking fee. (It's only a $1.00, but with shipping included I could have spent an easy $7.00 or more.) If I file a Item not Described, does that mean I would have to ship it back? Or is it one of those keep it & here's your refund? (I have never felt the need to do this before... quite the learning experience.) Thank you for your advice!


Misty Star Studios
01-06-2017, 07:07 PM
Another point you can add to the case, it was supposed to be in a display box and not wrapped :)

As far as the refund goes, that's up to the seller to decide. Likely they'll have you ship it back but if they do, the seller has to pay the return shipping. Or the seller can choose to let you keep it and send you a refund.

01-06-2017, 07:54 PM
Now I'm wondering if I should message them first, pointing out the display case part & give them a chance to offer a refund or just let them be surprised with an "Item not described."

Misty Star Studios
01-06-2017, 08:01 PM
That would be a nice gesture! :)

01-06-2017, 09:12 PM
I would counsel NOT bringing the display case into it. Stick to the one thing you really care about: the condition of the model when it was rec'd.

The more miscellaneous junk that is thrown into the discussion, the better the chance of alienating the seller, and the more bunny trails that lead away from your desired solution with pointless, distracting arguments you don't care about anyway. Don't look for distraction issues ... focus focus focus on what actually matters most to you. ;)

I am guessing that some of that description is boilerplate and refers to NIB Breyers. Don't rub their faces in that. Just stick to one thing, only ... model rec'd in rough condition, no doubt unintentional but need to have a replacement. :)

01-06-2017, 09:17 PM
:yeahthat As a seller, I can tell you it's definitely not fun to be surprised with an eBay claim. I would much prefer that if there's an issue, the buyer contact me privately first. Almost always, something can be worked out and the whole thing can be resolved without eBay getting involved.