View Full Version : Strong Seller Yellows for Janet Onderchanin

01-09-2017, 11:11 PM
I purchased four horses from Janet. One was a body, and three were not. One was described as a show possibility, and nothing was written about the other two other then they were gorgeous and well colored.

When the horses arrived, I saw that all four had many marks on them, and one had a noticeable chip on his off side barrel. I decided to wash them and use a little diluted baking soda on them to take the marks out. I used the baking soda only on the marks, no where else. I have used this technique before with good results.

However, as I was rinsing them, I found that someone had painted over more chips on each of the three (non body) horses. The water took the paint right off. I messaged Janet to tell her that they arrived, and that they were damaged, so I asked for a return of the damaged ones or a partial refund a I would have to send them out to be repaired. I asked her what she wanted to do. I know as a seller myself, something things slip by, and if she received the horses with the painted over chips, then there is no way she could have known about the damage. However, the chip on the one's off side barrel and the marks were pretty visible.

She responded that the marks were not there when she packed them up, and that there were not there when she packed them up. But she wanted to think on it.

I found out that she posted on Facebook asking for advice, stating that she thought that I scrubbed the rubs into the horses. She listed my name in the inquiry. I responded with pictures and stating that I had not caused the damage.

Janet got very hostile and aggressive with me, continuing to state that it was my fault. Then she turned around and stated that if they damage was on the horses before she shipped, then it was also my fault for not asking specifically if the horses had wear.

She never mentioned that they were sold as is in the description, and if a horse is descried as a show possibility, then I would assume it's mint or close to it.

I finally said (in FB) that I didn't care whether she refunded me or not, but I felt that she should have mentioned this in the description, and that again, it was not something that I caused. I didn't want to raise a big stink about it. More like a FYI, in the future note. To which Janet replied with:

??? I don't believe you. I can not even dignify a response.. I don't have any sympathy for you. . Orange to reddish lights to you. Please Beware when dealing this Shannen "Buck" Regan.

I have never had a seller respond so aggressively like this before.

I emailed Janet privately to work it out without FB. I told her again I didn't care if she refunded me or let me return them or not, but I was unhappy with her posting my name to an inquiry and I was displeased with the whole transaction in general. Janet never responded to my email, but instead posted it to Facebook.

At this point, I realized that this could happen to anyone, and her demeanor to me seemed uncalled for, and kind of strange for a seller. I knew that if I was the seller, I would try to make things right, and her response seemed very rude.
I opened a dispute in Paypal (not a case), asking to have them returned or a partial refund of $10 per each of the three horses to have them repaired. Paypal is a non-partial party, and I was fine with whatever they decided. Janet accused me of blackmailing her by opening a case.

She then refunded me, but not after posting that she was only doing so as she did not trust me to ship them back without further damaging them as retaliation to her. Then she started speculating as to my identity (my FB and email header is Buck, but I always use my real name in transactions). This was not an issue with her before but apparently it was now.

This is what she wrote in FB:

The only reason I am agreeing to pay 30.00. I am I not sure how what else was used or alleged used cleaners may have damaged them more. I don't trust you to send them back in a reasonable way or same condition or in retaliation pack them badly just to get back at me. I don't trust you at all to hold up your end. That came up in the dispute mode I really am Not sure who I am really dealing with here. Shannen Regan, Buck Regan. Shennan 'Buck" Regan and company Providential Earnings?? How many Regan names are there?? A $30.00 refund was sent. This problem is now resolved and closed. Via Paypal as buyer had requested. Sellers still Beware.

I have just found that she has left a nasty red light review on MHHR telling everyone to not do business with me. All this over a $30 refund. I have been buying and selling for a long time, and the only nasty reviews I received where when I asked for a return or refund when items arrived damaged, or when a seller decided that since I wasn't replying fast enough or giving them my street address before paying that I was a 'non committed buyer' (not what she said, but I don't want to violate the no name calling rules in the TTB).

I find this extremely frustrating. I should have taken pictures of the damage before cleaning the horses, yes. Or I should have just shipped them back to her immediately and asked for a refund. I would have been happy with just an apology from her as well. It's no big deal. As a seller, I have had horses arrive damaged, and I always full refund or partial refund depending on the damage. But her whole attitude and determination to ruin my reputation is what bothered me the most. I recommend extreme caution when dealing with her when it comes to items not being described.

Shannen Regan