View Full Version : Recently Released Resins by Hazel Vickers

01-25-2017, 07:30 PM
I am pretty new here and would like to announce my 3 recently released resins. All three are being currently cast by Seunta.LLC.

Argentina: Large classic scale, Criollo mare, she was my 2nd attempt at sculpting and I have altered her a number of times to arrive at her current form.

Dadhikra: Traditional scale Marwari colt foal, his name in Sanskrit means "divine horse that personifies the morning sun". I sculpted him with little hairy details all over along with boy bits, chesnuts, detailed hooves and lots of other details. He is my 3rd sculpture. https://m.facebook.com/ParaonePonyStudios/photos/a.818250954927596.1073741833.364507706968592/1106684766084212/?type=3&source=54&ref=page_internal

Lady Eathelyn: A detailed and full of character sculpt, she is a classic scale, pregnant Fell Pony mare, as with all my works I did a lot of study and she is sculpted to breed standards, but along with regular detail including barefoot hooves, feathers, chesnuts, girly bits...I also added a big dash of spunk. She is my 5th sculpture.

I hope I am allowed to ad the links I have as I couldn't work out how to ad photos.