View Full Version : GREENS for Heather Bullach, Sue Kern, Bobbie Mosimann, Regina Strehlke and more...

02-17-2017, 11:46 AM
I should definetly post here more often... Some of these greens are LOOOOONG overdue.

I bought a little Valkyrie from Heather - fantastic communication, she was very kind and the horse arrived in perfect condition (which was suprising - I was soooooo sure the tail would get out broken of the box... Turned out it was a steel wire in it but still, no cracks and the horse is incredible)

I buy from Sue quite often and she's always her fabulous adorable self. I love dealing with her. She's quick to answer, paint and ship, and her work is fabulous.

Lovely transaction with Bobbie. Truly a pleasure to chat with. She's patient, kind and effective. Plus, she's in Canada :D Yay for me!

Regina is in Germany and the price she was selling her Korsar at was so suspicious I didn't truly believe it until I had him in hands, haha :) Delicious transaction. Polite, quick, she says what she plans to do and does what she said she would! PERFECT. I love how clear she was. I'm the most chihuahua kind of buyer ever (freaks out for nothing - "omg omg omg she didn't answer me yet am I being robbed or what oh no oh no oh no" so sorry about this...) and dealing with her was like a warm soft dog bed for my inner chihuahua to lay on...

As always, fabulous work from Jana Skybova. She even remade a piece of tack for me because of my mistake... Sweet, patient seller and tackmaker.

Not the first time I green my dearest Anna Suna. Still the most awesome person I've met since I started collecting back in 2013. It's such a pleasure to chat with her!

Thanks to all of you for these great transactions. Gotta love the hobby. :) I'll try to feedback my people on a more regular basis 'cause this is atrocious. Sorry about that guys

02-17-2017, 05:05 PM
Sue Kern really is fabulous! Easily one of my favorite artists to work with!!

-Jen Selsted