View Full Version : The Region X Championships (TRXC)! November 4-5, 2017

02-26-2017, 11:31 PM
Hi everyone!

Marci Driscoll and I will be hosting this year's TRXC! We are so excited about this show! More information will be posted as it's available, but here's what I can share so far! :yaymiller

LOCATION: The UMASS Hotel, Amherst, MA!
This is further west than last year's show and is only a little over an hour from the NYS border. The hotel is offering us a block of rooms, but if you'd like to compare prices, there are several motels/hotels in the surrounding area within 10-15 minutes. The hall space is large and will certainly accommodate a good sized crowd!

FORMAT: The format of the show will be the same as last year, with "maiden" classes for models that do not have TRXC cards, and Championship classes for those that do- and more Champs than Maidens of course! We have a couple of fun surprises that will go along with that...stay tuned!

I'm particularly excited since this one of very few shows that have been in my "backyard" aka Western MA that I can remember, other than the early days of Baystate Live and the first year of TRXC! We're hoping that giving out information far ahead of time will give people enough to work out travel plans if they'd like to attend. :)

So much more information will be coming your way soon!

Your overly excited co-hostess, Amanda :woohoo

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02-27-2017, 08:18 AM
My best friend goes to UMass Amherst! I wonder if she'd be up for hosting me and my show string for the weekend haha I bet she will, but I'm going to talk to her sooner rather than later so we can make plans! I'll likely go but only show one day so I can hang out with her :)