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05-11-2017, 11:13 AM
Does anyone know Karen Cook or is friends enough with her to get in touch with her?

Here’s why:

In early February I purchased a former model show horse (Khodakhrome) from another hobby member, who had not received his awards and ribbons when she purchased him. I followed the trail of his former owners backward & discovered that Karen Cook was a previous owner. In early March I sent her the following e-mail:

Hello Karen,
My name is Evelyn Lauer and I recently purchased a resin horse that used to be one of the models in your show string.
He is Khodakhrome, a Deborah McDermott Indian Silver resin painted by Chris Nandell Flint in 2008. From the first time I spotted this horse, back when he was owned by Liz Cassel, I longed to own him and when the opportunity recently came up to acquire him I jumped at the chance; I absolutely adore him and I am totally thrilled to call him mine.
I know that Khodakhrome was a show winner and past champion but Denise Schneider, whom I purchased him from, did not have any of his awards or ribbons or even his NAN cards. I don’t know what the accepted protocol is for model show horses and their awards, ribbons, NAN cards but two of the horses in my small herd were former show horses and they each arrived with their NAN cards and any ribbons/awards they had won. When I contacted Liz she said Khodakhrome’s awards were all sent with him when she sold him. I know that NAN cards are important because of merit awards, etc but I am also trying to reunite this magnificent horse with his well earned honors of any awards or ribbons as well as his NAN cards.

I’m wondering if you would be willing and/or able to help me in locating his lost or misplaced awards, ribbons and NAN cards? And if located, would you be agreeable to sending them to me as his current owner, so they remain with Khodakhrome? Of course, if you are able to come across his awards and were willing to forward them to me, I would be happy to reimburse you for any postage costs incurred to send these along.
Thank you for your assistance in this model horse matter.
Kind regards, Evelyn Lauer

I was so pleased to receive an almost immediate response from Karen:

Hi Evelyn,
Congratulation of your purchase of Kodachrome. He is a beauty!
I am a collector of model horses and showing takes second place to just displaying and enjoying the model itself. I did receive ribbons and Nan cards for Khoda. If they are labeled with his name and I can find them I would be glad to send them on. Having said that though I must tell you I don't keep very good track of these awards and they are all chucked in several cabinet drawers. I will try and locate any with his name on them.
Regards, Karen

I didn’t want to be a pain in the buttocks so I (im)patiently :) waited a good amount of time, 7 weeks, for Karen to look and see if she was able to find Khodakhrome’s ribbons and awards. Finally on May 4th I sent another message to Karen to see if she was able to find anything.

Here is the message I sent:

Hello again Karen,
I didn’t want to be a pain in the butt, even though I was SUPER excited when I read you had received Kodakhrome’s ribbons and NAN cards (when you had originally purchased him), so I waited these past 7 weeks to give you lots and lots of time to see if you were able to locate them in your cabinet drawers.
I am absolutely biting my fingers in anticipation, that you were able to find his awards.
Here’s hoping you had Good Luck and have some exceptional good news for me...
Sincerely, Evelyn Lauer

Unfortunately it’s now been a week since I sent the e-mail and… nothing. :(
Considering how quickly Karen answered my original e-mail, how pleasant she was and her willingness to look for Khodakhrome’s awards, I’m a bit surprised (and disappointed) that there has been no further contact.

That’s why I was wondering if anyone who knows Karen, would be able to find out why she didn't answer or can check for me to see if she even got my May 4th message…
Like I said, it's nothing bad, just hoping to get Khodakhrome's awards reunited with him. :crossfingers :ppplease

05-19-2017, 09:30 PM
:ppplease Still looking for Karen Cook or anyone who knows her that can contact her for me.
On our original contact, she seemed so willing to help me by looking for Khodakhrome's awards but now no contact... :sigh

06-05-2017, 08:47 PM
I'm happy to post that Karen Cook got in touch with me.
:clap Karen found and passed along to me, TWO of Khodakhrome's rosettes! :yaymiller
(The two rosettes shown in the Liz Cassel photo with Khodakhrome, below.)


I may never find his smaller ribbons or his Nan Cookie but at least I DO have some of this awesome horse's well-earned awards! :trophy
Thank you for your help and assistance Karen! :haveawinner
(If you're on Blab or can read this...)