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05-16-2017, 01:27 PM
Has anyone sold to Kelsey Mcatt recently? I emailed her after I saw a Wanted ad on MH$P for a resin I was thinking of selling. She was quick to respond but asked that I hold said horse until she got paid (that day has come and gone). I've emailed her a couple of times, but it's like she's dropped off the face of the earth. Am beginning to wonder if she's a minor.

Any information would be appreciated!

05-19-2017, 03:08 AM
Hi there! I'm a new Blab user but just happened to see this.
I'm actually in the process right now of completing a transaction with Kelsey! We've been corresponding since March, at which time I understood that she was waiting to start a new job. Although it has gone on longer than I anticipated, she's been very pleasant to work with and has stayed in communication with me of her own accord. I did have to send a reminder once, but otherwise she's been good. I have laid out very specific terms, and she is supposed to be sending payment via Paypal this Saturday. If all goes well, I will post here to let you know.

I know that she also goes by Kelsey New, but this is no secret (I have received emails from her with both names on them, and other references mention them as well.) I found some refs on MHHR dating back to 2009 & 2012. Apparently she was a minor at that time. Unsure of her age now, but she has obviously acquired better communication skills and has her own income source since then.
I admit I was concerned when I saw your post the other day... I wondered why she was committing to buy from you when she had still not sent promised payment to me. However, I've exchanged extensive messages with her over the past couple days, and I still have good reason to give her the benefit of the doubt till Saturday. I also told her that people are asking for refs about her, and that I'm happy to give her a good one if she pays as agreed upon.
Hope this info was helpful! I'll keep you posted...

~Lauren Tague

05-19-2017, 10:14 PM
Great info - thanks for sharing it, Lauren! I certainly hope you get paid. I was so hoping she'd come through with payment for this model because I'd love to see my resin go to someone who's actively looking for this particular release. Will be interested to see what happens on Saturday (tomorrow), fingers crossed though!

05-21-2017, 11:08 PM
Well... Regrettably, I must report that payment did not come through. :( Instead, I got an email with another excuse.
To her credit, she did say "go ahead and put her back up for sale" rather than ask me to wait again. But this has been a huge inconvenience for me. I admit it's also partially my fault, as I made the decision to go through with it. I honestly really liked Kelsey; we had some nice conversations. And, like you, I was hoping to find a buyer who really wanted my model.
Plus I've been having a hard time moving my sales pieces lately (the online hobby seems slow right now), so I was very generous with my terms. I dropped my initial price so that we could do PIF rather than time payments, and I got her to agree to a date, based on her paycheck and schedule.
Looking back now, some of the things she said to me do not seem to add up. That, coupled with your experience, could indicate a troubling pattern. (Example: her message on Saturday cited car troubles as the reason she couldn't pay, but all last week she talked about being on vacation--driving by car to a particular city. I politely questioned whether the car had broken down while on her trip. Have heard nothing since. And she was usually quick to respond.)

But I don't want to break forum rules or post speculation. I honestly don't know whether she is just really noncommittal, or whether there truly are a bunch of crazy things going on in her life right now, eating up her budget. I know life happens! I have a seller right now who's working with me on payment for a horse that I can't afford at this time, and I'm so grateful for that---but I was upfront with them. No "bait and switch."
I would hesitate to enter a transaction with Kelsey again, though. I just don't have that much time to put into it.
Although I've collected for a long time, I've only tried selling online for the past year. This is probably the 3rd sketchy person I've dealt with...not too bad, out of many other wonderful ones!! Live and learn, I guess.

05-22-2017, 11:00 AM
I had a transaction with Kelsey New. She purchased Moondance from me. Paid the deposit and then the balance when they were due.

I had no problems with her. ???? Of course, that wasn't big money like resins can be.


05-22-2017, 02:59 PM
I had a transaction with Kelsey New. She purchased Moondance from me. Paid the deposit and then the balance when they were due.

I had no problems with her. ???? Of course, that wasn't big money like resins can be.


Interesting info, Jamie! I do hope all is well with her. My horse was an OF Forever Saige, not a resin, and I dropped the price considerably for her. Do you mind me asking when your transaction was completed? (She did tell me she was conga-ing that mold, so that would make sense.)
I will reiterate that I really liked corresponding with her!!! She seemed genuine. But the way it ended left me confused and disappointed.

06-02-2017, 09:33 PM
I'm sorry to hear she failed to come through with the funds, Lauren :( I contacted Kelsey again earlier this week to let her know the resin I have up for sale was still available and was she still interested, but heard nothing back. So no sale here, either!

What I'd like to know .. and this is a rhetorical question perhaps .. but why post a WTB ad for something that you can't or don't actually want to buy?

06-02-2017, 10:07 PM
Mod note ... Thanks all, for holding speculation on why people do things for a more generic thread that doesn't reference a particular person. Too much can be implied ... and there is no way to know that for an individual.

A TTB thread that is not about a specific transaction, but just asking for people's experience generally to ask any number of 'why' questions, would be a great idea! :)