View Full Version : Over 40 Breyer and Peter Stone Models on E-bay, some ending tonight (Sunday)

Kim G
06-18-2017, 08:21 AM
I have quite a few very nice models on e-bay, some ending this evening. Includes rare Walmart Black Wolf set, a State Line Tack SR Pinto Classic set, Peter Stone Valentino Pony, some ISH's, a couple drafters, Porcelains, Breyer Holiday catalog horses and others! All have been on display or carefully stored and in great condition.

Look under seller name "g-nite" or check my list using the link below.


Kim G

06-18-2017, 01:25 PM
I thought you should know that the set you are advertising as Buster and Brandi is the Sears SR set from 1998 that included Amber and Ashley (which are the two molds pictured in your auction). The Buster and Brandi set was the Scratching Foal and Lying Down Foal (Hess molds). Paperwork is right, but the models aren't the right ones. :blueflower