View Full Version : Breyerfest Green for Kendra Whisler!

07-22-2017, 12:18 AM
I pre-ordered a Nazruddin from Kendra Whisler back in April, via her eBay account (eBay ID: lifesucksamdead).

I was hesitant to do so, since I didn't know her, and it was very far in advance of BF, so I'd be past the 30-day eBay protection window. But the price was great, and she had 100% positive feedback, so I went for it.
I'm happy to be giving a great report now! Working with her for this transaction was a smooth and enjoyable experience.

I initially contacted Kendra with a few questions as to how her process worked. She always responded to my messages very promptly and answered all inquiries.
I made sure to stay in touch with her leading up to BF.
Once she had the model in hand, she shipped quickly as promised, and emailed me the tracking info without having to be asked. She even sent photos that she had taken of the real Nazruddin at BF.

My Nazruddin arrived yesterday, and he is gorgeous.

Thank you, Kendra!
I would recommend her for future pre-sales and eBay transactions.

~Lauren Tague