View Full Version : Attention doowiki!!!!

07-24-2017, 09:30 PM
Read your PMs!!!!!!!!!

07-24-2017, 10:11 PM
Heheh! i talked with her at around 8:10pm. They were just getting settled into their motel...She might be waiting on me to call her? i PMd her earlier today and she didn't respond, but she called my home phone when i used Noel's cell to text her...

07-24-2017, 10:22 PM
:gaah could you please ask her to read her PMs. :haha

07-24-2017, 10:30 PM
Just PMed you!

07-25-2017, 12:15 AM
Thaaaaaank you! I hope you have a good night and safe travels tomorrow. I think I read that you should be home tomorrow...? As fun as traveling can be, it can also be exhausting, even if you are the full-time passenger.