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08-01-2005, 07:40 AM
Don't forget to set your calendars for September 10th, 2005 for Meows and Minis Live IV! Set in Glen Ellyn, IL, MAML is a NAMHSA qualifier/all mini live show with SEVEN big divisions and 145 classes (OF Plastic Halter, OF China Halter, Custom Glaze China. Custom Halter, Resin Halter, OF Performance, Custom/Resin Performance) and LOTS of fun! We also have a RESS class this year, judged by the very talented DeeAnn Kjelshus! Judges include the very capable Mary Vinyard, Alicia Strayer-Mangan, Kim Haymond, and Elizabeth LaRose! ALL proceeds from the raffle and auction will benefit Cat Guardians, a local no-kill, cageless, non-for-profit cat shelter. Last year, we raised $1700 for the shelter! We will have members from the shelter there that day with information about the cats and their home. You can read more about Cat Guardians at their website at http://catguardians.hypermart.net/

We are also having a raffle and auction to benefit the shelter (100% of all proceeds go right to Cat Guardians!) and have so far lined up fabulous items such as:

Lyne Raff of Mudfire Studio will be donating a custom glaze on a Breyer Porcelain mini. Thanks Lyne!

Adalee Velasquez of Velasquez Artistry will be donating an art noveau tile in a colorful "majolica" style to the show. Thanks Adalee!

Karen Dietrich of KL Keepsakes will be donating a David Mayer Shetland Pony resin CM by her. Thanks Karen!

Myla Pearce of Half Fast Farms will be donating a LJJ Roulette resin painted leopard Appy with resculpted base to form a heart. Thanks Myla!

Kristin Berkery of Red Dog Studio will be donating an item TBA to the show. Thanks Kristin!

Heidi Reaves will be donating a York "Volante" resin CM to chestnut. Thanks Heidi!

Laurence Cassin of Haras-de-Falde will be donating a classic jumping tack set to the show. Thanks Laurence!

Beth Hoffert of Twisted Fate Studios will be donating an Equinartcreations TWH CM to black sabino to the show! Thanks Beth!

Donna Giles of Cobalt Customs will be donating some sort of SM in a leopard Appaloosa - either a Stone Chip or a Breyer SM QH. Thanks Donna!

Jamie Coughlin and Suzanne Feld teamed up on a donation - Suzanne donated a classic Breyer Man O'War, which Jamie then painted to a wild sabino! Thanks ladies!

Jenn Tate of Shadow Fax Studio donated a beautitful etched red roan Breyer NM SM ASB to the show. Thanks Jenn!

Cindy Neuhaus of The Lakeshore Collection Ltd. will be donating $20 of the proceeds of each of her Lakeshore Collectible horses available at the Meows and Minis show. We will be selling four that day: Miz Charisma in palomino, Miz Charisma in bay, Houdini in bay tobiano, and Marshall in grey. Thanks Cindy!

Deb and Randy Buckler from Resins By Randy donated a lovely "Cooper" resin to the show. Thanks guys!

DeeAnn Kjelshus of Art by DeeAnn (and our RESS judge!) will be donating a Ceramic Relief Horse Head that she calls "Polished Ponies." Thanks DeeAnn!

Carra Reinmiller and Morgan Haberman of Brindle Horse Productions will be donating an item TBA to the show. Thanks guys!

Lyn Norbury of The Horse Pen Studio will be donating an item TBA to the show. Thanks Lyn!

Marie Spinella-Phillips donated a beautiful Breyer SM Thoroughbred customized to bay blanket Appaloosa! Thanks Marie!

Gina Hall has donated two CDs to the show: "Color Formulas for the Model Horse" and "Model Horse Customizing CD"! Thanks Gina!

Bentley Sales has donated two #61007 Breyer Western Riding sets and one
#61006 Breyer Stable Feeding set! Thanks Bentley Sales!

Heather Runge will be donating a certificate for a custom model! Thanks

Kathy McKenzie will be donating a repaint certificate to the show! Thanks

Sheri Wirtz will be donating a certificate of $50.00 off on a doll costing
$150.00 or more! Thanks Sheri!

Jean Sorensen has donated a Peter Stone Standing Drafter in blond sorrel to
our show! Thanks Jean!

Katie Schmidt has donated a repaint certificate! Thanks Katie!

Caroline Boydston donated two horse head pins (one of a chestnut running Thoroughbred, and one of a bay roan leopard Appaloosa) Thanks Caroline!

Linda Feeley donated two SM sized bases and a number of stablemates! Thanks Linda!

Heather Abounader donated a handsome traditional sized Western Bridle! Thanks Heather!

Allison Rittenhouse will be donating a Breyer SM Prancing Foal CM to baby bay pinto! Thanks Allison!

Jacquie Fernandez will be donating a SM sized jump! Thanks Jacquie!

Linda Zaitlin will be donating some items TBA! Thanks Linda!

Jeanne Grunert has donated a certificate for 20% off any item from EquinArt Creations! Thanks Jeanne!

Nichole Collette has donated some Peter Stone draft horse blankets! Thanks Nichole!

Jennifer Wilbur has donated a stuffed Autograph Horse, a set
of shower curtain hooks shaped like tropical fish, Clifford the Big Red Dog
stickers, and three cute resin dogs! Thanks Jennifer!

Tina DeCaussin and Kelsey Hamer are donating two of Kelsey's resin mini calves! Thanks ladies!

Jeni Hoppenrath will be donating a beautiful piece of jewelry to the show! Thanks Jeni!

Lesli Kathman will be donating two custom glaze medallions to the Champion and Reserve of our Custom Glaze division! Thanks Lesli!

Becky Sturdy donated the book "The Kitten Owner's Manual". Thanks Becky!

Karen Beeson donated a H-R Mini Papa Unicorn and a H-R Mini Pegasus. Thanks Karen!

Judy Hall donated two beautiful Hamilton plates, "Painted Sunrise" and
"Winter Renegade"! They will be used as extra prizes for our grand
champions in both the OF and CM performance division! Judy also donated a
whole bunch of little guys for the raffle: two LB sized calves, NM
Andalusian in pale dapple grey, NM Warmblood in dark bay, OM lying down foal
in bay tobiano, NM Stock Horse in golden bay, OM QH stallion in chestnut
tobiano, NM ASB in dapple grey, OM Drafter in chestnut (4), OM Arab Mare in
bay tobiano, NM ASB in bay, and a Micro Mini jumper CM to a golden bay!
Thanks Judy!

Kevin and Holly McFarland have donated two stablemate sized arena fence display bases to the auction! Thanks Kevin and Holly!

Morgan Haberman has donated a limited art print of a tabby sphynx cat by A. Treumann!

Many of these items will be available for PROXY BIDDING from August 10th- September 8th. To view them and to place a bid, please go to http://www.picturetrail.com/wombats and scroll down to Meows and Minis 2005 Auction Items.

If you'd like to donate and help out the kitties, drop me a line! Please stop by and visit the Meows and Minis website at http://www.magmade.com/meow05/meow2005.html Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you September 10th at Meows and Minis Live!

For more information, please sign up on our listserv at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Meowsandminis