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08-02-2005, 08:03 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm not sure where this belongs, so I'm going to try it here. Mods, if it's wrong feel free to re-home it :)

I am excited to be posting this as I think it's something artists might be very interested in. The American Quarter Horse Association is looking for a new Racing World Champion award and are accepting submissions. The award (one) will be presented to the overall world champion every year. The old award was a bronze, but doesn't necessarily have to be one still...the door is open. So maybe resin, maybe sculpture, maybe glass, maybe a painting, maybe....? You fill in the blanks. Obviously as this is for QH racing, it should be themed toward racing and Quarter Horses.

The information is below, and submission forms will be available on the AQHA website sometime soon. Please feel free to pass this info around, as it's open to anyone who wants to submit something for the trophy.


World Champion Racing Award
Commission Form

Each year the American Quarter Horse Association recognizes one World
Champion Racing American Quarter Horse. The award winner is decided by
ballot at year end, named in January and presented with the award in
March at the AQHA Convention.

AQHA is looking for new ideas and concepts for this award and is
welcoming submissions for a new World Champion award.

Things to remember when submitting your concept for commission:

• The award must be easily reproducible

• The award should be unique

• Any type of medium is welcome

• It is preferred that the award be personalized to reflect each year’s
winner (i.e. owner’s silks, likeness of the horse, name of horse/owner,

• The award must be able to be produced and/or personalized in less
than two months (i.e. The winning horse is named in mid-January and the
award is presented at the AQHA Convention in March of each year.)

• A sketch, model, example or sample must be submitted if the finished
product cannot be submitted

• If a 3-D version of the award cannot be submitted, photos or sketches
of the award from front, rear and both sides must be submitted

Please send your concept and application
to the following address to arrive
no later than October 15, 2005:

Christa Morris
1600 Quarter Horse Dr.
Amarillo, TX 79104

(806) 378-4724