View Full Version : Hand Embroidered Arabian Costumes from Tabletop Studios--2 slots available

08-09-2005, 02:24 PM
Have you always wanted a hand-embroidered costume but can't quite swing the Traditional scale prices? Or have you been looking for the perfect costume for your brand new mini Nahar or mini Optime?

Here is your chance at a hand-embroidered costume for a third of the price of a Traditional scale costume, and you get to choose the costume colors and pattern design, and have the costume fit to the model of your choice! For the first (and probably only) time I am offering two slots for a custom order hand-embroidered Arabian costume in Stablemate/Large Stablemate scale. These costumes are extremely time-consuming and meticulously constructed, with over 70 hours of work going into each costume.

All costumes will include hand-tied tassels, antique beads,
miniature cowrie shell decorations, cast stirrups and real chain nosebands. The highest quality materials are used to ensure an heirloom piece you will be proud to show for years to come.






These two slots are offered at $300 each. I accept non-credit card Paypal, postal money orders and personal checks. I will work out a payment schedule with the individual, but a down payment will be required and I will not accept full payment until the costume is complete. I estimate turn-around time to be around 6 months, and will provide regular progress updates. Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions at all.

Thanks and take care,
Kim Haymond