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08-10-2005, 02:30 PM
I'm currently taking 'early bird' bookings for October to December reservations. I will be prepping but not painting until the end of September start of October due to the hot weather and humidity.

New Order Form (http://community.netidea.com/captkirk/orderform.html) must be sent with all new custom orders.

Customer must supply the models.

Cost of painting will now not be due until the model is completed other than a $10 down payment to cover fees for customs charges and prep.

Time Payments can be made on models once they are completed.

Examples of my work can be seen here; http://community.webshots.com/user/tropicalcross

Please excuse the poor quality of my photos, my digital camera is getting old and doesn't take great images.

Prices are now as follows for Traditionals (based on current sales of my models that range from $100 and up);

For Artist Resins

White for the below is for solids, tobianos, tovero's, and overo's

Basic solid colors with minimal white (chestnut, sorrel, black, bay, buckskin, dun) $70
Basic solid colors with medium white (chestnut sorrel, black, bay, buckskin, dun) $80
Basic solid colors with loud white (chestnut, sorrel, black, bay, buckskin, dun) $95
Basic solid colors with loud/medium lacey overo white (chestnut, sorrel, black, bay, buckskin, dun) $110

Dappling prices are as follows; $15 for minimal dappling, $25 for medium, and $35 for maximum dappling. For dapple greys please contact me for a price.

Special colors such as; dunalino, perlino, creamello, brindles, roans; $75 *does not include medium to loud white*

Appaloosa patterns are not available at this time.

For Plastics; *Note that prices for plastics DO NOT include prep and priming*

Prices are the same as above, however the prep and priming will be an added $10-$15 depending on the model*

No models with bad seams will be accepted. At this time the only plastics I will be accepting are the following;

Peter Stones; Palouse, TWH, ISH, Pony, Trotting Drafter, Arabian, Pebbles & Chips. I may accept the Standing Drafter only if the seams are minimal.

Breyers; Strapless/Uncalled For, Ideal/Show Jumping Warmblood, Cedarfarm Wixom, Zippo Pine Bar *only if the seams are minimal*, NSH, Smarty Jones, Cigar, Lonesome Glory, Silver, Andalusian, Flash, Susecion & Lefire, Mule, and new models from moulds created 2001 to the present.

Artist choice color is prefered. I've told several customers in the past that some models don't always come out the color the customer wants, or it just doesn't look right. I do prefer to do an Artist Choice color, with an idea of the color/s or patterns you would like to see or don't want.

Paypal payments are accepted.

A $10 down payment must be sent with the model and the remainder sent when the model is completed. This is to cover an unexpected customs charges and prep. The remainder is not due until the model is completed.

Please make sure you print or write out the ORDER FORM and send it along with the model/s

Payment via Money Order or Personal Check is also accepted and prefered.

No Slots will be put on hold until the model is recieved.

Regarding Time Frames for Model/s to be completed; I don't mind this being asked of course, but please don't expect the model to be done in a week or two. I work on several models at once, and each takes time to do right.

If you are on AOL, Earthlink, Yahoo, or Hotmail, make sure that my replies don't end up in your Junk or Deleted folder. I've been finding out when I email some people my emails end up in these folders.

No Trades Please Unless you have a resin!!!!! Even if it's broken I would be interested!

Any color is possible and I don't limit any patterns or colors. The only color I am a little strict on is dapple grey as it can be a tricky color to create.

Addition of manes and tails may be available along with light to drastic remaking.

I can do any level of remaking from basic to drastic. Prices start at $3.00 for repair work and up. If you have an idea of what exactly you want give me a good description of what you would like done and I will give you a solid quote. I can't get a good idea of this if I'm only told for example; I want a new mane and tail.
What details I need for manes and tails are; the length, any movement to either and the mold it will be going on.
For remaking/repositioning; I would need to know everything you want done, even the smallest details will help.

Remaking or addition of manes/tails can be done on Artist Resins, however, you must check to make sure the sculptor allows this. I cannot proceed with any alterations until I know for sure this is allowed. If it isn't I won't alter a model due to copyright laws.

Please don't send models with a note saying you want remaking without emailing me to tell me ahead of time.

You can check out the testimony of my customers on ebay under tropicalcross.

For prep work I will do; sanding of minimal seams and removal of logos. Carving of ears and nostrils along with heel bulbs. In the case of raised hooves I will carve out frogs.


My painting has proven itself time and time again in the show ring taking Overall Show grand champion and reserve championships, plus many NAN qualifiers. My models have also been beating out some of the top painters in the hobby.

The quality of my work is backed by testimony by previous buyers, judges comments, winning track records, all details are realistic, and nothing is overlooked. All my paint jobs are as smooth as possible, I look over my horses before they leave. If I notice a problem the horse will be held back a week to fix the problem. I have received several so called 'Top LSQ' models which were nothing more than PSQ models so I am extra careful.

My models are not lumpy, no unrealistic eyes or hooves, or eye white placement. Details in my opinion make or break a paint job. I include the lacrimal (pink in the corner of the eye) eye reflection, eye white showing in the correct area for the horse's expression/posture/position of the head. All my hooves include a multitude of colors as well as the hoof folicle line. I do not high gloss my models hooves, it isn't realistic unless the hooves are meant to be wet. I semi gloss my hooves, deepest part of the nostril, and high gloss the eyes. And all my colors and patterns are as realistic as possible. All white markings are also white, no undercoat will show through unless it is intentional.

I use an airbrush to paint the base coats, all details and white areas are done by hand.