View Full Version : How do you see photo comments?

08-11-2019, 09:32 AM
Hi, the title says it all. One of my photos popped up on the top bar of the website this morning and I saw that it had 6 comments. However, when I opened that page that you get when you click on the photo I didn't see any comments, nor did I see anything to click on for viewing comments. Please help; what am I missing? Thanks so much, I appreciate it!! :)

08-11-2019, 09:41 AM
I think what you saw is counting the total number of comments for all the photos in that gallery, rather than the number of comments for that particular photo. I don't know why it works like that, but sometimes you'll see photos pop up there that have "comments" that are in the thousands. If your photo does have comments on it, they should appear below the description when you go to that photo's page.

Edited to add: here's a picture showing where the comments are/what one looks like. You shouldn't need to click on anything to get them to appear.


08-11-2019, 11:12 AM
Ah, ok. Thank you very much for the explanation PineRidgeStables!